Radious Total War Mod - Warhammer 2 - Updated 14.12.2017
Good day everyone! 

Christmas are almost here so we in Team Radious wish you Marry Christmas and Happy new Year, have a great holidays! 

Time for another big update - Reprisal update + FLC The Laboratory

Here is current list of changes and improvements:

- Full support of Reprisal Update - mod is adapted and balanced for all new changes and fixes.

- Various unit cards changes and improvements.

- Fixed various text typos in unit descriptions.

- Several Ai recruitment priorities improvements.

- Several economy and building effects balance changes.

- Several recruitment requirements changes.

- Fixed few visual bugs on several custom units.

- Fixed Ai not recruiting Skink Braves custom units.

- Removed Gorebull from Minotaur chain (was never suppose to be recruitable unit).

- Several spells rebalanced (Wind of Death small nerf - longer cooldown, higher mana cost and less overall damage).

- Wood Elves missile infantry received +5range and 10% protection vs missiles.

- Dark Elves basic infantry small armor buff.

- Balance changes to various units (dragons, monsters and several others).

- Orcs and Goblins received +1 unit to T2 and T3 city garrisons + several other garrison balance changes, replaced several not fitting units with others.

- Updated Building Icons to latest version.

 Big THANK YOU to all our patrons!

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Team Radious