Radious Total War Mod - Warhammer 2 - Updated 27.06.2018 + New Submod release!
Good day everyone! 

Today we have for you big update! As promised we worked very hard recently on Wood Elves faction to bring you new experience with them and today is the day for it! Sythetic Man and Me present you brand new submod - Wood Elves Overhaul:

Ever thought that playing Wood Elves in Vanilla Radious is a little bit repetitive? You only build outposts and you can’t even replace lost armies if you lose them far away from Athel Loren. Well, with this submod these will no longer be a problem! It adds the ability to build T5 settlements and T3 settlements outside of Athel Loren, alongside all the other buildings. Everything perfectly balanced so that they don’t get too overpowered.

• T2-T5 Settlements added to major provinces
• T2-T3 Settlements added to minor provinces
• All building chains now available outside Athel Loren, other than Office and Temple buildings
• All the building effects rebalanced to prevent the Wood Elves becoming too OP, removed effects such as global income increase
• Building costs and times rebalanced to put the Wood Elves on par with other factions
• The old outpost buildings effects changed and they are moved to T3
• Different garrison buildings for minor and major settlements, with changed bonuses and units. Athel Loren keeps both to reflect the importance of the forest to the Wood Elves and make it a fortress it is in the lore 

More info and download:

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Main Radious Mod Update:


Battle Changes:

- Several minor balance changes.

- Changed colours for Wulfrics Huscarl units.

- Many balance changes to Wood Elven units - almost all units received various buffs to match with other factions more, many new atributes, abilities and much more.

- Increased number of men for various Wood Elves missile units.

- Removed primal instincts from Helldrakes.

Campaign Changes:

- Various changes to building effects (Wood Elves mainly)

- Several changes to Wood Elven garrisons.

- Improved Ai recruitment of various Wood Elven units.

- Various recruitment changes to several Wood Elven units.

- Several technology effects for Wood Elves rebalanced.

Complete changelog can be found here:

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