Radium song: a new sketch/seed/start
Hello there dear patrons. I'm back from my Michigan residency and back at my usual array of booking/promotion/gigging activities after being holed up in creative retreat mode. I will have a couple of new songs to share with you soon that came out of the residency (and will be releasing them as a paid post in the near future). But first...

I have this amazing graphic novel about Marie Curie that I read a while back (highly recommended!), and I was thinking about it today for no particular reason as I took my laundry to the laundromat -- specifically, the part about the women who would paint the glowing numbers on watch dials with radium paint, which ultimately gave them radiation poisoning -- and I started writing a new song.

I think this may be a good one for Charming Disaster since it's such a compelling story and so tragically dark, so I recorded the bit I'd written on my phone (using FourTrack, a $5 app I like) and sent it off to Jeff to see if he wants to write the rest with me.

This currently existing part may very well change, and who knows, we may hit a wall with it and it won't ever get finished, or it'll take a ridiculously long time as these things sometimes do, but I thought you Patreon supporters might like to hear the first stage of something new.

you moisten the brush with the tip of your tongue
your bones turn to dust by the light of the poison

the second hand sweeps round the face of the clock
you number the hours and they glow in the dark

it's a miracle
all those factory girls
so invisible
gonna show you the world

More soon,