Radyr Part 3-- The Mad Queen
The Mad Queen ruled in the Dark Times.

She is responsible for the loss of magic in the elves, although they do not remember what she did or how... which is part of her magic.

The loss of the magic was a terrible thing for the elves... and it's why they are so attached to their colors. All of their weird rules are based off what they remember from the days when the color combinations meant how powerful they were magically.

Not all elves could even use magic, and you could always tell by the colors. Now, they just know the Mad Queen took it from them and they hate everything related to her...

Like the Radyr.

Her decedents, easily recognized by their hair.

Not to say that ALL the Northern King's aren't related to her... but the Radyr have been given all the blame.

Tonight, you'll see Piperaceae, Peppertop and Peregrin.

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