Raffle Stream Announcement!
  The goal for another raffle stream has been met ^^

The stream will start 1:00pm est, on Saturday the 8th.

There's also going to be raffle streams on the 15th, and 22nd!


1) Everyone has one request, which must be approved before your name is entered into the raffle. 

2) Requests can be submitted whenever, but you must be present in the stream chat to be included in each raffle spin (It's just how Picarto's raffle system works).

3)  I want to cut back on OC requests, so I'm going to alternate between "any" requests, and "Bloodline specific" requests. That way, Bloodline requests are encouraged, but if you really want a non-Bloodline character, it can be done!

4) Request approval: as a rule of thumb, avoid adult art, suggestive stuff, overly time consuming requests and characters without a reference. I am willing to try new things, but I retain the right to deny any request. If you ask for just a character, I will likely ask for a "prompt" to go with it; something for the character to be doing.

I aim for around 11 hours and at least 6 requests, so everyone should have their chance.

The important thing is to enjoy yourselves! After the stream, be sure to let me know what you liked and didn't like, I base my changes off of feedback!

Raffle will take place here: https://picarto.tv/w0lfmare