The Rage of Cis
"Well, but that's the thing about the world," Caroo insisted. "Things happen!"

The red fox Wel scowled, and a second later, his face was a grimace of abhorrent wrath.

"Well," he snarled. "Then I will STOP ALL THINGS FROM HAPPENING!!!"

With that, Cis reached out to gather every shred of the power that had been granted to him, and wove it into the pattern of the most abhorrent Iserialogy Caroo had ever witnessed.


A scene from a future project: "The Chronicles of Ceal Dreamchasers ~ Tails from Beyond". Unlike the normal chronicles, the Dreamchaser chronicles play mostly in the Vineretij'fa Kilunaro, the river of dreams, which is the sea in which the countless different worlds of Minayero reside.

In this Chronicle, Cis, a red fox Wel who has been broken by countless losses, embarks on a journey to find the power to exact vengeance upon the entire world of Ceal. His quests leads him into the river of dreams, where he hopes to convince one of The Ancient known by the name of Rouge, to grant him that kind of power. His cousin, the gray fox Wel Malacaroos - or Caroo for short - follows him in an attempt to dissuade him if possible, and stop him by force if necessary. Unbeknownst to them, Rouge - who is quite fond of vulpines - has taken a liking to them both, and extends her power to each of them. Thus begins a race for power between the two foxes, and the playing field are the countless dreams and fledgling worlds within the river of dreams.

Is it right to destroy a dream that might become a world one day if it brings me one step closer to saving my home? Or should I try to protect everyone, even if its risky, or maybe even impossible?

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