Rage & Sorrow. STOP Terrorism. Love Life #020 🏄🌊2⃣3⃣❤☮✌
Opening video with a surfing session in Ajo Beach.

Coming back in Noja and wow! The train changed its color! There is a new train now. 🚄

Funny moments cooking in my kitchen with Negrita.

In the evening another check the waves but it s flat..so I d like to spend some words about Terrorism, very bad things happened in Barcelona a couple of days ago..so Rage and Sorrow guys.

U know my channel is funny and I always try to give positivity, but when important things happen in the world I believe we need to spend some minutes about it because these things hit our hearts.

See u tomorrow friends, I hope there ll be waves..Have a super fantastic day!

Thanx so much to live these emotions with me every day 😱😻

As Always Don't Forget to be a Warrior Every Day. Believe in Your Energy, Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your..LIGHT! BOOOM!

Love Life Forever and Everywhere Your Path ll Bring U..Peace ☮☯🍀🎐