Raglan and Rainbows
Second Life adventures continue this month with the Raglan Shire Artwalk. It's a much simpler event than Fantasy Faire as far as taking part is concerned. Artists put their pictures on a maze of hedges and the art is displayed for about five weeks. I found a little spot for my pictures (a couple of which will be new for non-patrons, as they were from previous locked posts).

They're for sale for a small amount, for people who'd like a copy in Second Life. It'll be interesting to see which sells the most. At Fantasy Faire, Rainbow Cat was the clear winner. Rainbow Squid came in second. But there's a new contender for the rainbow title with Rainbow Fluff! Which rainbow will win?

This brings me to the next thing, which is the next Patreon goal is very close. This is for having a little extra each month for art supplies. To celebrate this goal, I'll be painting more rainbow things, which'll debut as locked posts for patrons. So, I'm open to suggestions, particularly from patrons. Alive things preferred.