This is a project I did to complement a short story called "Employment Opportunities". I submitted the written piece to a literary magazine for their prompt: "Write a story set in the 'World of Tomorrow', as envisioned at the 1939 World's Fair." While I was researching the topic, I read about how the Ash Dump that Fitzgerald described in The Great Gatsby was renovated into a park to serve as a venue for the Fair, and I think that influenced where the style and plot of the story ended up. I celebrated my first submission as an aspiring career writer by doing a DIY-style collection of stop-motion videos. They were fun to do so I ended up making quite a few to ramp up for the launch of my Patreon campaign. From here on, you'll see each video or other art project included as attachments along with each written piece I post. Hope you like :) Read this story at: or view it on Scribd:
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