Rainbowholic Patreon FAQs (NEWBIE GUIDE) 🌈 *UPDATED*

We have a new NEWBIE / FAQS GUIDE. Please click here for the 2021 version. 

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What is Patreon?

In simple terms, it is a paid membership platform that enables us (patron-creator) to support each other. If you want to gain access to exclusive content / posts that we upload anywhere else, this is the best place. 

What makes my patreon account unique and different is that we also share some stationery supplies / Japanese souvenir items that we find here in Japan through mailable rewards. 

You can also backread / have access to our previous posts from April 2018. From time to time, I also have early viewing access content for everybody. :)

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Where can I find the list of tiers I can choose from?

Please check the tier list on the right side of this page if you visit patreon.com/rainbowholic homepage. Please make sure you are using a laptop / pc because the mobile version is different.

Current available tiers:

Icecream ($1), Matcha ($5), Sakura ($15), Rainbow ($30), Kawaii Character Box ($35), Double Rainbow ($60), Super Rainbow ($100), & Unicorn ($300).

We also have combination tiers:

  • Rainbow + Kawaii Character ($5 discount) - $60
  • Double Rainbow + Kawaii Character ($5 discount) - $90
  • Super Rainbow + Kawaii Character ($5 discount) - $130

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The tier that I want has no more slots. Will you open more slots?

It depends on the month. Typically, we have a fixed number of slots per tier as we have limited rewards as well. We advise that you check back regularly and see if you could upgrade / pledge to that tier when a slot becomes available.

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How do I change my current tier / pledge?

Please check "Manage Memberships" page and make the necessary changes.

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What are the current month's rewards?

Please check the tag "rewards preview" to check all the related posts and to get yourself updated. If the current month is January, the title of the post should be something near to "January Rewards Preview".

To summarize the rewards / exclusive content I post here, here are what we usually give:

  • early access to some posts
  • exclusive access to my kawaii / stationery shop (rainbowholicpatreonshop.com) where I sell limited items
  • polls / feedback forms (occasionally)
  • postcards (Japan Post exclusive gotochi cards, premium greeting cards, etc.)
  • a venue where we can share ideas / interact with each other
  • mailable rewards / care packages that are ~more special~ than the boxes we sell on our other main shop
  • 1 patreon-exclusive video
  • monthly printables (digital reward)
  • original sticker sheets (mailable reward) sometimes
  • livestream
  • Japan-travel related posts + tips (just DM us or find my other posts)
  • .. and more!

Note: There were cases when I did send printable rewards only through private message on patreon (2018). Those rewards are (unfortunately) available during that time (it only happened like 2-3 times maybe). Now, I just upload the rewards like the usual.

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What is the "REAL WORTH" of rewards?

Quoted from this old post: 

"If your tier is $35, it actually does not mean that you would get a $35 worth of stationery haul if you compare it by purchasing from another shop / or rainbowholic-shop.com / or subscription box. As this is a patreon, my product is actually a combination of mailable rewards + content rewards + the experience. I felt the need to address this because some new patrons might be confused how it works and might be disappointed and think "But I paid this much worth..".. And add the shipping fee + tracking number (depends on your tier) + fluctuating exchange rate from USD to JPY... so many things to consider."

We are not forcing anyone to pledge or support our patreon. If you cannot accept that these are only our rewards and you doubt the value / worth, it's better to keep your money to yourself. Please buy from stationery shops instead.

As a business, we have many operating expenses and we are 3-4 people working together to make this possible and we should be properly compensated too.

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About Rainbowholic Patreon Shop

A person must be a patron in order to access our shop. If you delete your pledge before Patreon is able to charge you on the billing date, your shop order will be considered invalid. Continuous attempt of avoiding patreon pledge payment will result to permanent ban.

All orders made through this patreon-exclusive shop will be shipped together with pending rewards (patreon packages that haven't been shipped). Please take note that we cannot delay shipments (unless stated in the product description) and we can only sell these items to patrons whose rewards haven't been shipped yet based on the monthly schedule.

If your tier is $30 and below, we will be adding 450 JPY to the final shipping calculation for the tracking number fee. For security purposes (for you & for us), a tracking number is mandatory for all combined rewards + shop orders. Additional shipping fees based on weight will be applied.

If your tier is $60 and above, the tracking number is free. Additional shipping fees based on weight will still be applied.

Important note we have to emphasize:

Whether the tier you pledged has mailable rewards or not ($1 or $100), your orders will be packed and shipped at a scheduled time. The reason is that it takes extra time and effort for us to fulfill an order for just one person. We have to do it by batch since we store our stocks and take them out ONLY during packing time. Our studio is not that spacious enough where we can freely bring out the stocks easily. If you cannot wait for your orders to be packed (ex: items for restocking didn't arrive on time), we have no choice but to cancel your order and let other "willing to wait" patrons to buy the limited items you have ordered. We treat all patrons from all tiers the same way and cannot give VIP treatment to anyone. Please understand.

Other reminders: 

  • Necessary / additional shipping fees will be billed later. Please use your same patreon email address when you check out from rainbowholic-shop.com.
  • Please refrain from using different shipping details. Please make sure your Patreon shipping details name and Shop shipping details name are both the same so we can verify that you are indeed a patron.
  • Please pay the additional shipping fee / paypal invoice from [email protected] promptly so we can ship your package on time. For your reference, we are spending around 100,000 JPY+ for all shipping fees here on patreon.
  • Deadline of shop orders are usually announced on the top banner:

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Can I combine Rainbowholic-shop.com orders and patreon rewards?

YES! Please feel free to shop from our other online store rainbowholic-shop.com. Simply use "salshipping" code when you checkout to remove the EMS shipping fees if you prefer your order/s to be shipped with your patreon rewards. Kindly include your patreon name + a note for combined shipping when you check out too so we will be informed.

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Where can I see some past mailable reward shipment photos for reference?

Please check the tags "reward shipments" and "care packages" to have an idea. Feel free to check my instagram story highlights over at instagram.com/rainbowholic.shop for some feedback / posts from clients / patrons! You can also check out some youtube video reviews or just browse the #rainbowholicpatreon hashtag on instagram / twitter.

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My country is currently part of the suspended countries of Japan Post. Are there other shipping methods I can use?

Currently, we cannot ship to USA / Australia / United Arab Emirates (and more) via Japan Post (Airmail / EMS). 

We do not ship through surface / SAL / ship because it is not safe for your package. If below 25 grams, we can ship greeting cards / postcards to USA. If more than that, your rewards / package will be automatically on hold.

For latest updates, please check our public posts under "Japan Post" tag.

Starting last June, we were able to find another shipping alternative and we can ship via FedEx now. Unfortunately, it is hard to give a patron a shipping estimate / weight estimate upon immediate request. This is why we have decided to make a system and have "FedEx Shipping Request Forms" every month since it requires a lot of computation (we will subsidize some of the shipping fees based on your tier). Kindly note that it would take some time for us to give you a quote / email update so please always check our monthly rewards preview post for the schedule of the month.

If you are curious about FedEx rates, please kindly refer to this shipping table.

If you are a previous / old patron who cannot access the "shipping request form" post, please contact us so we can give you the form. We cannot individually message nor update each affected / previous patron about this (we lack the capacity to do) so we ask that you reach out to us first and we will assist you throughout the process.

If you have any problem/s feel free to reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or just send us a patreon message. Please do not hesitate to follow-up if you feel like we accidentally overlooked your message.

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(Related Question) I'm from a suspended country but why can I receive items from another Japan-based shop / creator and not from you?

Not all Japan-based businesses have the same shipping methods for various reasons. We can only offer FedEx and Japan Post at the moment as we have business partnerships with them. As we have mentioned, if your package is 25 grams and below (greeting cards / postcards), USA-based clients can receive it. If more than that, we cannot ship via Airmail.

We also do not use SAL / Surface / by ship as there is big risk (especially during COVID19). 

Also, please do not compare us from other businesses as we have different processing styles. 

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What are the other things we are paying with $__ amount?

Just gonna be transparent here and show you guys an idea how much fees that I pay monthly before I get the "Your tiers are too not affordable / expensive" comment:

  • Monthly patreon payment processing fees (last Feb 2020, we paid $258.87)
  • Monthly platform fees (last Feb 2020, we paid $446.15)
  • Paypal fees
  • Shopify platform fees for our exclusive shop
  • Packaging materials
  • Labor (our time) - There are 3 people working on your rewards. Me, Aki, & Julie
  • Transportation fees (when we shop)
  • 8-10% consumption tax on stationery items that we buy
  • Shipping fees that are included in the amount.
  • Tracking number add-on fee (for $60 tier and up)
  • Snacks for the team lol

Note: We reserve the right to deny / ban a person from pledging if he / she does not acknowledge the amount of work we put on our rewards.

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I want to become your patron but I do not have a paypal nor a credit card.

Since patreon only processes payments online, we have to turn down bank deposit requests for mode of payment. It is hard for me to keep track as well so we am relying on patreon to do that job for me (what I'm also paying those fees for lol). 


1. Sign up at paypal. Read this Paypal FAQs from Paypal Philippines page. You can link your debit card.

2. Ask someone to help you regarding the payment funding (hi mom and dad haha) and you can sort it out with them how you would pay them back.

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I want to know the exact contents of the current month's mailable rewards. Is that possible?

Since it is a work-in-progress package curation, it is impossible for us to show you the month's rewards. 

Why? It's because we can only start shopping when we receive the monthly payout on the next month. Sometimes, we find the most interesting rewards while processing your rewards too. 

After all payments have gone through and we have started shopping, please regularly check @rainbowholic.shop instagram for some reward updates (not guaranteed). 

For rewards summary of previous months, feel free to check my posts over at rainbowholic.me/patreon/blog.

* * * * *

I noticed that you also send some snacks for mailable rewards. I have dietary restrictions. Would it be possible if I prefer other non-snack rewards to be sent instead?

Feel free to message me a month ahead regarding your restriction so I can do something about it. I will *try* to include different reward instead (please don't expect a lot haha). If you feel that the chocolates / candies that I have sent will give you allergic reactions or so, please refrain from consuming them and feel free to share with family / friends instead. ^^ Thank you so much!

* * * * *

Can I choose what kind of rewards / designs I can get?

Because we are now almost 400 patrons, this is impossible already. However, from time to time, we do make polls and ask for the patrons' opinions.

* * * * *

How do I access to previous month's content / rewards?

Just click on the month's tag located at the top side of this Posts Page.

* * * * *

Why can't I see some content?

Some posts are only exclusive for certain tiers and sometimes to avoid confusion, we just target the post to one tier if we need their feedback about a certain reward.

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When will I be charged?

You will be charged on every 1st day of the month, Pacific Time and then the 1st of each month going forward.

You can cancel or edit your payment at any time (Patreon's Terms of Use).

** Depending on your location your bank might charge an additional foreign transaction fee for your membership to this Creator.

** Some payments get declined because of possible reasons: 1) you need another payment source; 2) your bank is declining patreon to charge (maybe they think it's a fraudulent transaction)

I suggest double checking your credit card number / payment resource details to avoid any problem.

* * * * *

How can I contact you privately?

Please email us using the subject "Rainbowholic Patreon Inquiry - *Short Description*" to the following email address/es (either of these two):

You can also DM us through patreon message for a heads up.

Note: We are not using [email protected].

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Do you ban any patrons? (woops)

Yes, I do. If I notice that you try to avoid payment for quite a long time and keep switching tiers (for example: change / upgrade / downgrade 10 times in a month) to gain more access to other content and then deleting the pledge / providing an incorrect payment source / doing the same pattern.. I will do something about it. It is not fair for others who have paid for that. Of course, I will confront you first about it and give you a warning. 

If you like free content, I still have a lot over at youtube.com/rainbowholictv / instagram.com/rainbowholic! ^^

If we also receive PayPal dispute from you without having an in depth discussion about the problem, you will be automatically banned from our patreon / other shops.

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Can I get a refund?

Read more information here for patreon's refund policy.

I don't offer refunds because once you've already pledged and paid, you've already gained access to my library of content I've worked on for many days and there is no assurance that you weren't able to access the other posts / digital rewards.

If you miss deleting your pledge on time, that is your responsibility already. Your slot is very important because it is also an opportunity loss for us, since another patron might have wanted your slot the month before. 

If you have some questions about pledges / downgrading / deleting your pledge, please just DM us first so we can help you.

* * * * *

When will you send the mailable rewards / upload the rewards? Do you have a schedule?

We have a monthly schedule that we try to follow (posted with Rewards Preview updates).

If I haven't uploaded it yet, it means like I'm still working on it. Thanks for your patience :)

* * * * *

When will I receive your rewards (during the new normal)?

This is a tricky question because we cannot really answer it. We use Economy AIRMAIL shipping. For other countries, it just takes around 1-2 weeks (before pandemic). Now, that could be 2-4 weeks . For other countries such as Philippines and the like, it used to take 2-4 weeks. Because there is global reduction of flights, international mail takes a lot more time now. 2-3 months is a possible timeframe as well. Whenever we have returned packages, we always notify our patrons.

The entire process in bullet form for NEW patrons:

  • Patron becomes a January patron by pledging on Jan 3.
  • Patron gains access to past and current content. 
  • Deadline to get January rewards: become a Patron on or before Jan. 31.
  • Patreon.com charges patron on Feb 1.
  • Patreon.com sends payout to creator (Kaila) on Feb 4-7 (hopefully, no problem).
  • If there are many declined payments from patrons, we try to follow them up.
  • Kaila withdraws money and shops for mailable rewards (February 2nd week).
  • Kaila updates patrons regularly regarding the status of processing + shipping.
  • On 2nd-4th week of February until 1st-2nd week of March, she processes all the mailable rewards + patreon shop orders.
  • Kaila uploads a pdf file / link where patrons can check the tracking numbers (still done in secure / private manner don't worry). 
  • January patron receives the reward by 4th week of March or even much later, depending on the schedule.

Note for current patrons who want to upgrade and get a slot of some tiers (For example: if you want to get the sakura-themed rewards for January):

  • Please wait for patreon to successfully charge you for the past month to avoid complications.
  • You will receive your "patreon receipt" once your payment has been charged.
  • If there are slots available, feel free to upgrade/downgrade/switch tiers anytime after.
  • Suggestion: Don't downgrade or delete your pledge until the last week of the month so you can still get the digital content reward + livestream access you paid for. 

* * * * *

I want to upgrade my package's shipping mode to EMS Japan Shipping. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. Just let us know at least 2 weeks before we send out your packages so we won't use the usual shipping label for you. For your reference, here is the table of rates for EMS Japan shipping. We will send a manual paypal invoice.

* * * * *

Do you provide tracking numbers? Where can I find tracking number information? 

Yes, tiers from $60 (Double Rainbow) and above will receive FREE tracking number. Lower tiers such as $35 or $30 do not have free tracking number. You can purchase a tracking number here if you prefer to have one. Please purchase in advance so that we can prepare it beforehand too.

If you have patreon shop orders or rainbowholic-shop.com orders that you want to be combined with the rewards, we will automatically send you a paypal invoice for additional shipping fees + tracking number fee.

You can also track your package here if your reward has a tracking number. 

I always take photos of all the postcards / mini care packages sent and if you need some proof (for claiming at the post office when a problem arises), just message me.

About the tracking number info, if you pledged $60 + have shop orders, your package has tracking number. Click here for the posts that are tagged.  

Example: January 2020 Tracking Numbers Update 

* * * * *

I want to receive it around this time. Can you send it earlier?

Unfortunately, it is very hard for us to make special requests such as this because when our team processes rewards, it's always per batch so we cannot send it earlier than the schedule. However, if you need your package to be on hold because you will be on vacation (business trip / etc.) and nobody will receive your package, I can put it on hold and ship it with next month's or on a later date. Please check the monthly rewards preview post (pinned post) for the "Hold My Shipment Form" link.

* * * * *

I have a problem / I need to discuss something. How can I reach you or address the problem?

We are sorry to hear about that. Please kindly discuss or send an inquiry to [email protected] detailing your request / problem. You can always try to reach to me through instagram (rainbowholic / rainbowholic.shop) but since there is possibility I might not be able to read it or just skim through it as I get many messages a day.

You can also give us a heads up over at Patreon DM / inbox. However, since Patreon inbox does not have search function and we also receive tons of inquiries everyday, the best way is to really email us so we can have proper documentation.

* * * * *

I want to send you a Thank You mail / letter...

If you've received a mail from us, you can use the return address information in the shipping label. Feel free to DM me if you need our address info. Please keep it safe ^^v

* * * * *

I am going to Tokyo next week / month, can I meet up with you?

If our schedule matches, why not? :) I prefer to be notified months ahead before the meet-up because my current work schedule with patreon work, rainbowholic shop work, and social life (lol) is always crazy. 

If I don't have any choice and I have to turn you down because of time limitations / emergencies, please kindly understand.

* * * * *

Can you give me a tour of Tokyo when I visit?

I can give some advice about where to go + other . If your tier has travel consultation perks (double rainbow and above), feel free to ask and I can give some helpful links. However, I cannot book for you and make arrangements.

If you are interested to experience a fun day with me through Tokyo Stationery Tour / Custom Kawaii Tours, feel free to inquire and book months ahead so I can find enough time to align our schedules. I've been doing this tour for many clients and we always have the best time together.

Related blog entry: Where To Find Stationery In Tokyo

* * * * *

How can I help you more?

Huhu, you are already helping me more than enough by using your hard-earned precious money by pledging! If you'd like to extend your help more, any shoutout / post / review through social media (instagram / twitter / etc.) about patreon.com/rainbowholic. Word of mouth is still really the best way to promote something and that is how my patreon has been growing because of my current patrons who post about their rewards! :)

Patrons who plan to go the extra mile by making unboxing videos / honest reviews / Journal With Me videos with the rewards will receive extra freebies in the next month/s as long as you are still a patron by that time. Please share with me your youtube channels / instagram accounts so I can also share through my shop's (and sometimes, my personal account) instagram followers. :)

* * * * *

Where will you use your earnings? You're earning a lot, you must be rich haha

Thanks to our Rainbowholic Patreon Family, we have reinvested a lot of earnings to grow our business through this platform. We were also able to finally make a company last 2019. For more info, please check rainbowholic.jp.

Since we have #rainbowholicstudio now, we have to pay around 150,000-200,000 JPY for the rent, utilities, internet, and other bills. This office / studio  is different from where I live so imagine the amount of money I need to turn around every month to make things work.  I want to grow my youtube channel more that is why I invest in proper filming / lighting equipment. Sometimes, I hire people and treat them too after we work together (we are now 3 people). I'm not in a place yet where I really want to be BUT I'm proud of my steady growth (thanks to your support) and how we've grown together here. I believe that there is still a big room / more potential for rainbowholic growth & that is why I'm always on full-force mode when I promote the rewards / my patreon.

I also want to travel around Japan so I can discover more places that I can share with you all (tourist-friendly but not tourist traps) so I am saving the money I have left after paying all the necessary fees. I / we also want to treat myself / ourselves from time to time after working so hard haha.

As a team now, we have a big vision that we are working on. Someday, our office will be upgraded at the right time. We still have bigger dreams to unlock and this takes a lot of savings to do so. All I could say is that I am blessed by everyone's support in many ways. ^^

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*** P.S. I also edit this post from time to time ^^

If you have more questions, please comment below so I can add to the post! :) If you have advice for newbies, feel free to share below! ^^



By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 573 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 573 exclusive posts