Raining, Pouring
So, finally, all the stuff that was making my life hard has ended.

...aaaaaand then my brother's car got stolen, and I wound up being the guy to have to figure out how to rent a car for the first time. Now I've got a cool new Dodge, my brother has my car, and, wow, the last three days were awful. But finally! Finally I am ready to do this video.

So, here I am, on my laptop, with this great script written up about Deus Ex. I've got a Gears of War 3 piece ready to go. And the Bioshock draft... I could do it, but I want to give it some more polish.

I was going to get all my audio recorded for Deus Ex--I've got the footage and the script--aaaaaaaaand lo and behold, my computer decides that it doesn't want to start. When it finally did, it was in fits and spurts. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't.

Having done a TON of testing, I have determined that the issue is definitely hardware related, and almost certainly the power supply. Unfortunately, funds are shorter, especially since my roommate finally decided to move out. I'm living on $180 for the rest of the month. My government food assistance was reduced from $225 to $130.

This is, yes, the third major computer failing I've experienced in a month, and the second on the desktop (last time, it was a hard drive).

I was going to surprise you with a video on Monday, but I'm not sure that's going to work out now. That said, I'm going to have all the audio recorded on my laptop, and I'm going to SEE if it's possible to get some video editing software to work on this machine; my desktop, however, is the system I've done all my past edits on, so I'm nervous.

Come hell or high water, you're getting a video, but I might have to wait until I get paid for some freelance work I did, and that's in early October. Prayers and encouragement would be greatly appreciated. If you would share and retweet the last video I did, maybe share links to my Patreon, I'd appreciate it. Even better, if you know people who are hiring games writers, please send 'em my way. I think I do good work, and I need all the income I can get right now.

Much love.