Rainy day + weird bodily reactions
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Hi beloveds,

It's a rainy day over here in the back countryside in Portugal. Everything slows down as the guys can do construction outside, can't do yoga outside and I personally have been dealing with my stomach getting used to all these chia seeds, cacao nibs and porridge.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes the food is GREAT. Actually all the time the food is great but it's quite a drastic diet change and lots happens at once. But I've done this before when I stayed for 3 months in Hawaii so I expected it.

Still I'm sitting here in a half finished house with my styrofoam cushion listening to the rain cuz I feel like a big bloated blob right now. And I sprained my ankle the other day so everything is happening extra slow for me right now, including walking.

Still it's all good. I had a really good solo journaling session this morning. So needed. Got some deep new expansive perspectives on my life, my craft, my love and my relationship with my art-videos.

Basically I've been reading a book about masculine & feminine energies and I know understand myself and my workaholic tendencies so much clearer!

It all relates to that short film about love I still have to finish up.

One thing that's become clear to me: I want to create from a space of expressing and radiating my joy, NOT from a space of seeking or needing anything. Very subtle difference but a BIG difference. It's the different between spending 10 building something because you're trying to prove something to some invisible critic or spending 10 years doing it because you love it with all your passion. Big difference.

One will suck all the life out of you. One will turn you in a goddess of waterfalling radiant open bliss.

I was hoping to edit today after the roll I was in yday with the retreat video but all signs right now are pointing me to take it easy today. Literally like all my bodily energy is shifting-digesting. There's not much power left for the focused mind effort of editing. We'll see where the day leads.

Either way. I wanted to pop in to send you some love and fresh glorious rain rainbow vibes from Portugal!

Thank you for being part of this wild adventure with me!

Infinite Love,
Anita xx


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