#RAKWeek2017 and another announcement!
It's day three of RAK Week 2017! I hope that everyone has had ample opportunity to participate and spread kindness so far this week!

I have another announcement for the project! It turns out that we will be sending smile tokens to both the Children's Hospital here in Colorado, and the Children's Hospital in Seattle, WA! This is super exciting! Know someone who might want to be a part of spreading that kindness? Feel free to share our project with them.

As a small update to the Gofundme campaign for my Aunt, she has been released from the hospital. There is no confirmation yet about wether the new mass is cancerous, and she will need surgery again, but for a few days at least, she has been released. If anyone wants to help us in our journey to find her a new home before it too late, check out our campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/a-new-home-and-an-old-struggle We are working on finding new ways to reignite this goal; we are running out of choices, and with the new hospital visits, my determination is only growing stronger!

Don't forget folks, its a week to celebrate kindness! Share a smile everywhere you go!