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Ramble #10

Dec 11, 2019

Hi friends, 

I’m writing something down mostly for myself, just like recording these Rambles has become an opportunity to remind myself of what I’m fixating on, stumbling over, and taking a shine to. I’m writing something down because I think it gets more powerful when I do, and I want to nurture it. But I’m also writing something down because often when I do, it turns out to be something the people around me have been waiting to hear. So here goes:

You are not your anxiety.

You are not this creature winding through your body, stealing your breath and hunching your shoulders against the onslaught of the world. The creature is a weather system, and you are the soil. There is so much life in you. So much history and diversity and power bound up in your roots.

Anchor yourself to that.

Here’s what I wound up talking about when I sat down and the words came out last night:

And here’s a parting reminder that my store is open for all your holiday gift-giving needs. I’m currently figuring out how I’m going to pay for the residency trip I have planned in the Arctic next summer, so any orders are particularly appreciated right now.

Ten Rambles! I feel proud. They wouldn’t be happening without you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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