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New year, new Ramble!

I'm back in Portland where it is approximately one million times more grey and rainy and cold than California, but that didn't stop me taking a walk and recording this ramble about...

  • Finishing my character designs for this untitled Capybara Project 
  • Ginny Di's Twitter thread about keeping big projects under wraps
  • Jia Tolentino's staggeringly good essay collection, Trick Mirror 
  • Suckerpunch, my partner's upcoming non-alcoholic bar
  • Emerald Barkley wondering how we can bring more ease and joy to both creative and administrative work
  • Boat Gnome Mercantile Trades (which are still open!)
  • Choosing a word for the year
  • And the fact that in a shockingly short number of months I'm going to the Arctic???

You don't have to fix everything instantaneously all by your yourself. 

Let's do it together, step by step.



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