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Hey friends,

Everything keeps getting weirder, but we can still walk and talk so that's what I'm doing for now. (The end of this Ramble features me deciding to try and make a voicemail box for us all to put recordings in—scroll down for instructions on that.)

  • Cat Count for this Ramble: 2 petted, 3 seen but not engaged.
  • I talked about Cassie Marketos's newsletter again because her latest articulated a bunch of stuff I was already going to talk about with far greater eloquence and competence than I would've brought to the job.
  • Jenny Odell's How to Do Nothing (<--That link directs to Bookshop.org, a very cool new B Corp looking to fulfill online book sales while giving cash back to brick and mortar bookstores. VERY UP MY ALLEY. A good alternative if you're fed up with Amazon—plus I have some recommended book lists there that I'll be adding to over time.)
  • Another good read for these times: 84 Charing Cross Road 
  • I recorded an episode of This Book, That Book, a new podcast by Katherine Kwong (not yet released, but I'll make a note when it is). The book I rhapsodize about on the show is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.
  • Ben Hatke's characters Zita and Lilly on still loving the world at the end of everything.
  • Bread Queen Vera Brosgol gave me starter and now I have sourdough fever.
  • Kate Schapira running No Metafeelings Monday over on her Twitter.

And, as a final treat, the Reciprocal Ramble Experiment is now live. 

If you listen to these installments and think "Writing a comment is nice, but what I really want is to talk for five minutes and then forget all about this," YOU CAN DO THAT NOW! Upload your voicemails here. Talk about whatever you like. Listen to each other. Let's try it.

[I wanted to do this on Dropbox, but don't have a fancy enough account to share a link that gives people upload privileges, so Google Drive it is. Click the lowercase i in a circle at the top right and scroll down to see the description and instructions for the folder. (You can also comment here if nothing makes sense.)]

Okay goodbye I love you,


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