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I'm back! I got a new phone! I can RAMBLE!

(And of course listening back to this I realize it was WINDY, augh. I promise I will nail the technology that allows me to do this in the quality I so desperately desire while still walking...someday. I stop moving around so much at minute 11 and the wind sounds do subside, promise.)


I'll leave you with another line from a poem Anis performed during the Revival show, which felt so fitting for these times it seemed impossibly prophetic:

"...you'll wonder where the water is taking you and how long it will be before it brings you there and what there will be like, if it'll be like here on the river with all of us sitting in our boxes trying to split the dark by sharing our voice with others, if it'll be like how it was in the world before this one."

(I strongly suggest you watch the whole thing.)

Love you all,


P.S. If you want to record a reply, or just chat about what's new in your world this week, the Reciprocal Ramble Dropbox for this installment is here.

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