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Ramble #19

Aug 10, 2020

Ramble Scramble, here we go. This one's mostly about finishing 2020's 100 Day Project and the weird dance of when and how to share something that feels deeply intimate and slow.


  • Reflections from the first two weeks of The Right Number, my new experimental phone line. (A new prompt just went up today! Dial 503-673-6267 to play, or subscribe to receive an email every time prompts cycle through.)
  • The tactile joy of scribbly prototypes on packing paper (these particular scribbles are currently alchemizing into a website thanks to Robin)

“Things do not move only forward. They go in circles, like the seasons. In art, when you feel you have made a breakthrough, when you feel you are making something new, you are most likely also coming around again to things that have been done before. At the same time, one cannot step in the same river twice, and doing something that has been done before, but doing it now, with a different emphasis, in a different historical moment, with somewhat different questions, assumptions, desires, and hopes – can also (in some sense) be said to be new.”

Hang in there, y'all. I love you.


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