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Ramble ramble ramble time. It's been a month, somehow, so this one's an indulgent 33 minutes long because I'm in an intellectual season all of a sudden and am having too many thoughts for words.


  • Using an RSS reader (I like NetNewsWire for collecting feeds and Kill the Newsletter for converting newsletters into feeds I can subscribe to)
  • Possibly blogging more on my website? I wrote something last week, at any rate.
  • Erika Moen is going to be the weekly livestream guest next month and we're gonna talk about divorcing the self from a public persona and also probably crack some jokes and I think it'll be really nice. Probably same time as before unless folks make noise about wanting to change it, still on Crowdcast, open to all Patrons.
  • Sarah Mirk's gender in quarantine zines 
  • Borges and Myself (available online in a different translation here)
  • Further evolution of this year's 100 Day Project, which is going to remain secretive on Patreon but will probably be available in another 100 days. Keep an ear out.
  • Skill stomach vs. taste eyes
  • Funny Weather by Olivia Laing (links to many of the original essays online can be found at the end of this blog post
  • The actual quote that I bungle remembering: "I left New York because every day I suddenly felt I wanted to die and it was connected with painting. It took me several years to find out that the cause was an overdeveloped sense of responsibility."
  • Difficulties RE: the scale of being witnessed online
  • Joseph Keckler is the artist Laing interviews who talks about the pleasure of moving back and forth. 
Often interviewers ask me, ‘You sing, and you write, and you make videos. What language do you use to describe your work?’ Or ‘What is your essence?’ [...] There’s this thought that I’m shifty or uncentred or something. But that makes me feel like a starfish who’s being cut up, until I’m just a pile of parts, each trying to generate a new whole. 
  • Methods of learning, being able to grasp something in its totality, needing to clap eyes on a tangible goal you want to move towards vs. having faith and meandering

Closing mantra, thanks to How to Be Both by Ali Smith:

"...the least that the practice will make you is skillful."



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