A ramble! A ramble in which I am walking on my own two feet! It is very good to be walking.

New folks: I do this every couple weeks, take a walk and record a conversation with myself (and also you). I hope you enjoy it <3

Discussed in this installment:

" I am always so astonished, after all the years when I had none, that I now have money to give away that sometimes I may speak of it out of sheer joy. No one who has inherited a fortune would ever do this, I suspect—noblesse oblige. No doubt it is shocking to some people. [...] Being very rich so far as I am concerned is having a margin. The margin is being able to give."

And also:

"I feel sometimes like a house with no walls. The mood is caught in a photo Mort Mace took of this house all lighted up one March evening. The effect is dazzling from the outside, just as my life seems dazzling to many people in its productivity, in what it communicates that is human and fulfilled, and hence fulfilling. But the truth is that whatever good effect my work may have comes, rather, from my own sense of isolation and vulnerability."
  • Outsider Comics and the books I bought there: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me (Mariko Tamaki, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell), The Smell of Starving Boys (Loo Hui Phang,  Frederik Peeters) and Young Frances (Hartley Lin)
  • Related: Rosemary Valero-O'Connell's new collection Don't Go Without Me, currently funding on Kickstarter 
  • Chris Schweizer and Sarah Airriess on Patreon
  • Dave Kellett's anonymous comics income poll from the 2019 Alaska Robotics Comics Camp:

The seasons are changing and everything is in flux. Be good to yourselves. You are capable and deserving of so much love.


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