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Ramble #7

Sep 27, 2019



Unexpected Friday Ramble! I thoughtlessly wore a sweater with a big collar so there's a bit of chafing on the mic. Thanks for bearing with my amateurish recording setup.

Poetry: Galway Kinnell (warning: tears)

Proto Demon Dialogues entries, Inktober, the inevitability of hindsight.

"Significant until proven irrelevant."

How do you relate to your earlier work? With mortification? With envy? I'm curious.

The publishing and money thread I talked about seems to have been locked down, but I'd strongly recommend Margot Atwell's entire Twitter (and NEWSLETTER!) in its stead. She's head of publishing at Kickstarter and a super smart resource on these subjects.

For Your Eyes Only: Offline Paintings by Molly MacLeod

Oliver Jeffers's Dipped Paintings (the little 6-minute documentary at the bottom of the page moved me deeply)

Sarah Airriess who is going to ANTARCTICA FUCK YES

Love you all. Back at it in a couple weeks.


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