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Rambling #2

Jul 15, 2019

I'm back! It's time for MORE RAMBLING.

Lots to report from the last two weeks, which I did my best to cram (in a non-linear fashion) into this auditory dispatch. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and warm reception of the first installment. I'm starting to realize that the internet makes me happiest when it fosters dimensional experiences of other human beings, rather than acting as a vehicle for racking up stats (I mean...duh, but it's coming into sharper focus when I see how rich and moving things can be when we talk to each other). Thanks for making that so abundantly clear and putting me in a position where I can actively encourage people to READ THE COMMENTS. 

The things I mention in this dispatch that you might want to investigate for yourselves are:

  • Jessie L. Kwak's From Chaos to Creativity: Building a Productivity System for Artists and Writers, which is presenting a lot of information I'm already familiar with in a way that feels fresh, approachable, and tailored to creative work 
  • Lillian Karabaic's A Cat's Guide to Money (formerly published as Get Your Money Together and currently entering a second printing—might not be available for a hot second? Check and see, but maybe don't order it from Amazon over the next couple days because their workers are striking for Prime Day! FUCK YEAH, COLLECTIVE ACTION.)
  • The archives of #1000wordsofsummer, a challenge created and maintained by author Jami Attenberg 
  • Things, which is an app that costs money, but is also extremely well-designed and has already made a huge dent in my mental anxiety-load as I work through the exercises in From Chaos to Creativity
  • Bear, an app I didn't mention by name, but it's where I'm starting to compile drafts and notes for my book project, in addition to keeping tabs on my various essay drafts, newsletters, and blog posts
  • And, even though I've posted it before, I'm gonna re-share this invaluable graph about the relationship between skill and ability and time, put into an attractive format by an artist who goes by Shattered Earth online:


This, too, shall pass.

See you next time <3


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