Rambling: Why am I doing this?
Recently, I watched a video for a Youtuber I like (and another by someone who talked about them), who does game reviews; among other videos like: movie reviews, reactions etc.

It made me think about why I started Patreon. I started it because I wanted to support myself when writing scripts. But that's hardly fair, because I would only be writing my short stories (and in time novels), for money. That doesn't sit right with me. At all.

Whilst I ultimately love writing scripts. I still really enjoy writing short stories, and if I enjoy doing it; I should only make money if I really have to. As you might know, I made a post on Reddit not too long ago, and got some incredible feedback. Combine that with the videos and it makes me wonder if should really have this page.

I'm going to University soon and I really don't want to be restricted in being creative and writing (which I really love doing). I'd have to get a part-time job, that; along with doing my coursework, would really hinder my free time and with that; the ability to write.

I have always done my best to be transparent and honest on this page. I even stated: " I need (require) Patreon because I'll be going to University soon (starting October 2017).". But to be fair; I don't really "need" it. I would just be grateful as it would allow me to focus on writing and going to Uni. I can't do that if I need to look for work to support myself. That's my burden and my problem though, not yours, it never is nor should it ever be something you should have to concern yourselves with.

I recently got my first short story published (available for free). It doesn't bother me, as I need to build an audience and I enjoyed writing it. I should only make money from my writing if I have to. Right now I don't, but if I did it would allow me to focus on writing until I go to study, and that; would be something I would always be thankful for.

You guys don't need to support me, I don't have any right to ask and you shouldn't have to. But if you appreciate and enjoy what I write, it would be appreciated. 

So I will keep this page up, and continue to work on the rewards. I'll mainly focus on writing and being creative with the time that I have and choose. I hope you can respect that. I'll only charge for my work if I need to. So, unless it's work that takes an incredible amount of time (like novels and feature length scripts), and I need to eat. I won't nor would I ever expect anything from you. Except kind words of support and helpful (constructive) criticism.

Thank you for reading this, and if you made it this far..you're awesome. Well, everyone here except for me is haha.