This is a sample for all of you fine folks who may be taking a look at what I post here. Now, unfortunately, I can't post actual stories that are in the works. Spoilers. You understand.
I can, however, post a little blog for you. This one is going to be about what I currently do for a living.

My current main source of income is delivering high-end furniture. It's not glamorous, but it does pay the bills when times are good. It involves carrying items that sometimes cost more than I make in a year throughout homes that cost more than I'll make in my lifetime, and not damaging either one. Sometimes I get to see very interesting things, though, like actual old-world craftsmanship in woodworking or the private collections of customers. It isn't a bad job, but it isn't writing.

Another way I make ends meet these days is security work for the lovely people at I've rarely encountered such amazing people, and I consider myself lucky to be associated with them. Even should I finally be able to make the whole of my living on writing, I will likely still hang out with them, though I likely will stop charging them for it. They're simply that awesome.

A third job I have is construction, of a sort. I make custom crates for people who are moving out of the area and wish to take their expensive, though breakable, items with them. It provides me with an appreciation for how delicate some things really are. For this job, I also uncrate items for people moving in, do washer/dryer disconnect and hookups, assembly and disassmbly of large, complicated, or expensive items (play structures, pool tables, etc), and drive long distances. Sometimes it's fun.

A fourth (yes, four) job I have is writing (shock and awe!), though no creatively. I freelance as a writer of articles and blogs for people who pay for it. Usually a 600-800 word article will fetch about $8. The jobs are sporadic at best, and on average pay 0.7 cents a word. I also do editing services, though that is even more scarce than the writing gigs. 

Fifth, I do warehouse work around town. It's as boring as it sounds. I assemble items, move things around, hang them, move boxes, keep inventory, etc. There really isn't much to tell. It's something I pick up on days off from my other jobs, when it's available.

My sixth job is: anything. Literally, anything. I do roofing for people, sometimes, landscaping, basic plumbing, construction, and I build things for people from time to time (desks, tables, etc).

And at the end of every day, I write for me. I create characters, conflicts, storyline, pasts and futures, life and death and everything in-between. I don't often sleep – I prefer to write. I need to, if I'm being honest. My brain stops functioning correctly if I don't get to write.

I've amassed a large array of talents in my years, and I put them to work whenever I'm given the chance. I enjoy some of the jobs I have, though nothing compares to spending hours upon hours trying to figure out reasons why a character would want to step outside and progress the plot.

So, that's my work life in a nutshell, and a sample of what you might see as far as random odds and ends on this site.

Until next time.

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