Random Blurb (Nov-24-2016) [Happy Thanksgiving!]
     After the Day of Many Names, the people of the world broke and came together all at once. Conflict intensified, peace grew. Understanding spread, ignorance erupted. It was a time of chaos. The prejudices of old became prejudices of new. Yet, there was a freedom that bloomed, as was the lingering doom that hovered nearby.

     The Osaerian Union held a massive conference to discuss the turn of events. For this moment in time, a message of unity was offered to one and all. All of the nations of the world accepted this invitation, in light of recent events. Even, the warlike Hakashur Empire chose to attend, much to the surprise, disgust, and concern of the OU Security Council, who had expelled Hakashur for repeatedly violating military sanctions.

     During the world summit, there were countless debates of all topics to discuss the rights of non-Humans. Naturally, the population was diverse, even politicians were among those that had “changed” during what the summit was calling Unity Day. A heated topic was the implication of the truth behind the mysterious message: a Shadow Council that controlled the world to hide many truths. If any members of this Shadow Council were present, the agents were truly as deceitful as the warning suggested.

     One particularly interesting moment during the summit was when a philosophical speaker declared that he would conduct an experiment that would apply a theory that he developed from the findings of his search. His promise: Within three months, there should be another summit for him to demonstrate his progress. He declared that he would be able to demonstrate the blessings as a disciple of the Lord of Pizza.

     Mixed responses naturally erupted at his declaration. In a world that had been in conflict between science, religion, and everything in-between this philosopher claimed to be able to reveal divinity through such a small act as belief in Pizza. Many took his claim as direct insults. Though, he was humored in his endeavor and the collective leaders agreed to host another summit in three months.

     Three months later.

     Heated debate rolled through the world about many of the topics debated during the summit, calling for a genuine need for another summit to cover the wide range of issues that still needed to be fully explored. The philosopher had not neglected his promise, despite death threats and other setbacks within the three months.

     Before live world broadcast, the man displayed the raw ingredients for a simple pizza. Then, the astonishing happened. As the man began his process, the air felt filled with a presence. There was a thickness in the air that couldn’t be explained. Yet, the man wasn’t doing anything to the ingredients. There was no heat source. There was a view of the demonstration from every conceivable angle, showing that the man did not once touch anything on the display.

     The man’s process looked more like a religious ritual rather than any proper gourmet preparation. As the man concluded his ceremony, there was a flash of red light that forced the attendees to shield their eyes or look away. The ingredients were gone and a fully complete and cooked pizza was in its place.

     Naturally, the light was viewed with suspicion by the skeptical. Cross-examination followed as transparency was demanded and allegations of a haux were fired at the presenter. Patiently, the man explained his process step-by-step. He had undertaken numerous retreats, practical dedications, and honorary rites. By those present, they deduced that the man had spent as much time or more than it would have been to attend a chef college or to have simply mastered cooking pizza.

     Numerous tests concluded that they could not prove any deception. It seemed that they had to admit that the man had performed a bizarre miracle through dedication to a Lord of Pizza?

     The man clarified, “In my journey and self-discovery, I reached a conclusion. There is no ‘Lord of Pizza’ - so to speak. It’s my belief that Divinity doesn’t choose sides. The devoted will receive blessing for following their own set of doctrines and beliefs.”

     “My efforts would not necessarily trump those of chefs and pizza makers. I’m not trying to put anyone out of a job. I just wanted to discover what was possible and share my discovery with the world. The dedication was difficult and I think that’s why only a few people will be able to receive this result.”

     “But, we’re seeing miracles like this happen. And some people are asking why so and so was protected or helped by something when other people think that they don’t deserve it. There’s no side that should be winning. We’re not. We’re not a world broken by our differences. All of us have a special protection and observance that we can call, if we put our heart and. Dare I say. Souls into our dedication.”

     “That’s all. Thank you.” Then, the man left the stage under a barrage of questions from gathered press. 


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