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Happy GURPSDay and almost-Halloween!

In today's post, besides another status update on the unofficial GURPS Discord server (short version: it's great and growing, come on in!), I outline a basic system of three random tables for quickly generating a Halloween-ish game.

Clearly, this is not going to spit out a full adventure with notes and stats and pre-made characters. It will, though, hopefully give your brain a little poke if you find yourself surrounded by bored gamers this Halloween and want to slap together a quick one-shot to kill a few hours. If you pair the basic adventure with Quick-Start Character Creation, you can get to playing in no time*!

* Disclaimer: reading my blog will not break the rules of space and time for you... it will still, in fact, take some time, just much, much less.

Suggestions for improvement and/or tales of how your own Halloween games went are definitely wanted! I hope you have some spooky gaming goodness this weekend.