Random Roll 39 - The Randomness
A new race for me this time around, a skinwalker. In this case our lycanthrope blooded character is of were bear decent. Smart and nimble but with an incredibly low charisma. Maybe he’s ugly, gruff or socially inept. Maybe he’s all three. From a large family formerly slaves but now freeholders in the democracy of Andoran. Apparently he’ll do anything for love, craving social acceptance, although even with his low charisma he’s flittered through quite a few relationships. But ow did he come to be a devotee of the Cardinal Martyr, the Empyreal Lord Vildies? - See more at: http://creativerepository.blogspot.com/2016/05/random-roll-39-randomness.html#sthash.yJEQYvKH.dpuf