Random Writings of a CRAZY Person (01/09/14)
So ,this is part of a Black Friday episode idea I had for a web series that based around these people that lived in an apartment complex and are poor as hell. Hey, you write what you know! So any way the main characters decide to fight there way through Black Friday to buy themselves a tv. While running into a lot of crazy "zombified" people. I actually got the idea from watching the BBC Series Spaced. I loved that there was a show that incorporated different movies and video games as you will see in this rough draft. I also had an Idea about a show that took place in a video game store, but then I found Game Shop ( http://www.youtube.com/show/gameshop ) on You Tube, SAME EXACT SHOW!!!!! Actually a lot of ideas I have had end up in movies or various works of fiction. Which can only mean one thing....... Stephanie Meyer and Diablo Cody are stalking me and stealing my work!!!!! Ok, maybe not. But its a good conspiracy theory. Any way, I hope you guys like the script and I will post again as soon as I can! Thanks for reading!!! Haley JoAnna
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