Randomized number for +1 "I feel lucky" patrons ^-^ + another upgrade: photo references ^^_^^

Randomized! So, the next tutorial (that comes out on 11th of the month) will be yours, girls (fa strano dirlo in inglese, eh? °_°)! 

BTW, what do you prefer? Something for traditional art technique or something else to clean drawings on Photoshop? ^-^ I have both, in theory only luck should be the choice but... you're so kind and I'm very grateful to you, so I want to thank you in some way ç-ç

Another thing: I think I will add, in these days, something to +1 subscriptions: chance to pick HQ photos from a selection of references I'll offer, only for you dears <3

What do you need the most? Something like water theme, mountain theme, forest theme, skies theme, animals theme...? ^-^ I'll start post all the stuff in these days!