The Rank Update
After a very long hiatus, Flan's Mod is back in development! The mod is now 3 versions behind Minecraft, but there are some massive hurdles to overcome in order for us to catch up (something to do with Mojang removing support for the model system we've been working with for the past 6 years).

So to get back into the swing of things before tackling that monster task, I present to you the Ranked Server Update! This is a massive overhaul to how loadouts work on servers running the Teams portion of Flan's Mod.

Gone are the fixed loadouts of old (Heavy, Support, Medic and all that) and now players will be tasked with making their own loadout on the fly using weapons and skins they unlock along the way.

Significant progress has already been made and so you can expect lots of exciting screenshots, feature spoilers and even access to the test server appearing here on Patreon over the next few weeks!

Watch this space!
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