Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria fallout
Hi folks, thank you all once again for your continued support (plus the new support from those who've recently joined)!

As you may recall from my last post, on August 22nd I published Everything You Need to Know About Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, about a recently invented (and scientifically unsubstantiated) theory promoted by parents and practitioners who want to revert to the old gender-disaffirming (e.g., gender reparative and/or strict gatekeeping) ways, especially when it comes to trans children and adolescents. I had been working on the essay for some time, but then rushed to get it out when I learned that Lisa Littman's paper (which lends extremely tenuous support to ROGD theory) had just been formally published.

While I received pushback for my essay from the usual gender-disaffirming crowd, little did I know that the whole thing would blow up into a national news story. This happened when PLOS One (the journal that published the Littman paper) announced that they are now investigating/reviewing it. This, of course, played into ye olde narrative of "trans people attacking science," not to mention more general accusations of "PC run amok and suppressing free speech" that we often hear nowadays.

In response to all this, I penned two essays last week. Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, scientific debate, and suppressing speech both defends my original essay from its critics, and addresses some of these latter debates about science and speech. While working on it, I created my first ever meme (shown above), which pretty much sums up how this whole ordeal seemed to play out. I also published a personal statement two days later that reiterates the fact that neither trans people (nor me in particular) are "suppressing science" here – we are simply attempting to participate in these debates. The personal statement also explains why I had to leave social media for a few days. (No worries, I am back and doing better now, which is why you are finally receiving this follow up post.)

I mentioned how this all became a national news story – I was interviewed for articles about it that have since come out in the journal Science and in the Brown Daily Herald. I was also interviewed for a podcast that has yet to be released – I'll share that once it becomes available. My essay is also mentioned in this Think Progress article on the controversy that ensued. Thankfully, I was spared any conservative news outlets dragging my name and essay into their spotlight (although plenty of social conservatives found me on social media as this all unfolded...)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy all these pieces and the time I spent on them – none of this would be possible without your support!

note added 9-7-18: you can now listen to me talk about ROGD on the Bi Any Means podcast. And since posting this, WPATH has released a position statement on ROGD, which you can read via that link.