Rare: The Rarest!

Analog Obsession & BPB releases Rare! And we made it really "Rare"!

There are tons of Pultec! All different but same process at the end. We thought that our version must be different!

Pultec is passive eq with gain stage at the end. Simple but awesome design.

I changed this design and added switchable gain stage. Pre and Post gain stage!

Pultec has its own gain stage at the end and when we boost low or high too much, gain stage will react according to eq moves. That's the special design of Pultec.

But if we place gain stage before eq section, we can saturate signal at the unity gain without changing character by eq section and use eq without side effects of output gain stage.

Pultec has SRPP design and really colorful. So, it will saturate and compress especially low frequencies. But when we switch Pre Gain Stage, our low boost will give same harmonic character as flat. Also, we can keep highs from gain stage and this will make highs cleaner! With this feature, we can use Pultec without any harmonic changes while we use eq section.


GAIN: Will set gain stage pre or post eq

CPS Low Frequency: Low frequency switch

CPS Low Boost: Low frequency boost

CPS Low Atten: Low frequency atten

KCS High Frequency: High frequency switch

KCS High Boost: High frequency boost

ATTEN SEL High Atten: High atten frequency switch

ATTEN: High frequency atten

POWER: Bypass

OUTPUT: Output control

ANALOG OBSESSION: This label is clickable. It will turn to red and engage Oversampling (4x)

Available Formats

VST/VST3/AU | Mac 10.9 - 12.X

VST/VST3 | Windows 7 - 8 - 10 - 11

UPDATE - Version 6.1 - 27.2.2021

- Extended frequency knob sensitivity 

UPDATE - Version 6.0 - 24.2.2021

- Fully optimized circuit and improved DSP

- Lower CPU usage

- Added 4x Oversampling

- Added readout

- Added extra GAIN pre/post processing

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