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Rare Hare with Tyson Leslie

This week Chris and Aaron are joined by musician/promoter Tyson Leslie for Rare Hare; an hour-plus of great talk and music including tracks from Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, Cinderella, Vain, Mr. Big, and Great White. All of the songs on this week's show will be performed at the upcoming Rare Hare 3 concert that is taking place in Nashville, TN at 12th & Porter on Monday, September 26th.

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Rare Hare



In this long-form discussion and music episode, Tyson shares the Rare Hare
 series story. This series of concerts features professional musicians
of multiple genres coming together for a night of deep cuts that
celebrate one of our favorite eras of music. Tyson relays how the shows have been set up and how, through this burgeoning Nashville
 community, it's brought business relationships and friendships together
 as well as a chance to see some of our Hair-era heroes performing their
 own songs in an intimate setting. Among the recognizable names
performing this time are Anthony Corder (Tora Tora), Dave
Marshall (Vince Neil, Slaughter), Greg Mangus, Peter Baltes &
Christopher Williams (ACCEPT), Sandy Gennaro (Blackjack), ZP Theart
(Skid Row, Dragonforce), Jeff Labar (Cinderella), Ricky Dover (The Tip),
 Jeremy Asbrock (Rock N Roll Residency, John Corabi), Ryan Cook (Big
Rock Show, Hair of the Dog), Rachel Bolan (Skid Row), Dakota Denman
(Denman), Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures)
. During the discussion the guys each pick three songs that are slated for the upcoming Rare Hare 3
 show as a cool way to give you a preview of what to expect. It's a fun
discussion underscored by a ton of great tunes. We hope you enjoy Rare Hare with Tyson Leslie and SHARE with a friend!

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