Rarely Seen Perspective on the New & Modern Moscow (Cool Travel Images from Seeker!)

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One of our dear Patreon members Seeker has recently traveled to Moscow. Seeker comes from one of the most well-to-do and prosperous countries in the EU. This was a business trip, during which he represented his country at the international agricultural expo, and his view of the modern Moscow is from a rare perspective, that of a business traveler. 

I've written a number of articles in the past, with pics showcasing various facets of the cool, traditional and historic Moscow (you'll find them on LadaRay Blog, and some on FT). What makes Seeker's contribution truly rare and invaluable is that you won't glean the perspective he offers from me (since I am not a corporate business traveler), nor from any others, who do travelogs and travel videos.  

The insider images are spectacular, especially those of the new Moscow-City architecture (aka, Moscow International Business Center)! Just love it!




In 2014 Lada predicted that the anti-Russian sanctions would only strengthen Russian agriculture and industry.  

In the case of food ingredients, sophisticated complex mixtures of food ingredients typically used for processed foods such as meat and dairy products, were imported. These may contain 5-10 components, anything from proteins, emulsifiers based on fatty acids, seaweed extracts, colourings and flavourings, salts and carrier compounds. Naturally such mixtures provide more value to the producer than trading commodity ingredients.  

After the sanctions, the Russians had to understand how these products were formulated. Now Russian companies are “cracking the code” of each value step of the chain: sourcing the raw materials, formulating the commercial products and assisting costumers with technical service and application support. 

Further, from a supply security point of view, local presence has become important. This favours domestic production and blending.   

Agroprodmash 2018 took place in October at the Moscow International Business Center. Agroprodmash is the most important exhibition for the food industry in Russia.

Part of Moscow International Business Center, the beautiful twisting Evolution Tower, seen from the Expocentre.

Exhibitors at Agroprodmash 2018

Exhibitors at Agroprodmash 2018

Exhibitors at Agroprodmash 2018

Moscow-City (Moscow International Business Center) seen from 55th floor of the Empire building (Hotel Imperia City)

Russian breakfast served at Hotel Imperia City

Proud to be Russian. Russian companies can use this logo.  

Afimall in Moscow International Business Center

Checking out McDonalds in Afimall

Wow. I have never seen that before. Touchscreen for ordering and paying at McDonalds. Note the prices ($ 3-4). The Big Max index shows that the Russian Ruble is one of the most undervalued currencies (https://www.economist.com/news/2018/07/11/the-big-mac-index).



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I am so happy I can provide this opportunity for the dear to my heart members of our community to share their countries, travels and adventures! I plan to do more in the future! If you are my Patreon Patron and would like to feature your exciting traveling or your country's photo or video story on my Patreon site and on FuturisTrendcast, please email me! We'll likely do this once a month, or during holidays!

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