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You can only afford the lowest amount possible to donate? You will still get a reward! Contact me after donating. I will give you and your website or project a shout-out on Twitter. Also, you will have access to posts that are exclusive to patrons like updates on upcoming episodes, scripts, etc. In other words, no matter what you donate, you will get something out of it besides the warm feeling of helping me.
Pledge $10 or more per Video
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Your name will appear in the credits of Renegade Cut! Plus, you can advertise your project or website on my episodes. Send me a advertisement video (30 seconds or less) and I will advertise your project. No pornography or deeply objectionable content. Renegade Cut is a fairly clean show. Based on demand, there will be a rotation of advertisements. One patron one week, another patron another week and so on.
Pledge $30 or more per Video
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Choose a film to be featured on Renegade Cut. Ever want to see someone tackle a famous film that you love? Now you can! No pornographic films. No exploitation films. Renegade Cut is not that kind of show. Also, if you so desire, I will send you a card this holiday season. Message me a shipping address, and I will send you a thank you card in the mail every December.
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