RasPi code in main AROS repository


Few days ago I have synced my local repository with all the changes I did so far, with the main SVN tree. Starting form now on everyone who wants to look at AROS for RasPi or want to try to build it, can.

The project is far from complete. What we have is working system with not-yet working datatypes. USB works, anything that is missing there will be worked on soon. The roadmap for the next weeks is following:

  • find out why USB mouse stalls occasionally,
  • fix FAT filesystem if necessary (I have some read errors with sdcard.device),
  • fix sdcard.device since this one works properly only when lot of debug is written to the console,
  • write network driver for RasPi's USB chip,
  • write I2S audio driver for AHI.

That's not all of course. Everything that I found not working will need to be fixed too, starting from the faulty datatypes through calculation of CPU time spent in every task.

But now I'm taking a break from USB on RasPi for a week or two. Why? You will find out in next post :)