Aaaaaannnnnddd I'm spent! I've been painting in so many different styles lately that I realized that I haven't touched on my matte style in a while. a "matte" painting is the kind of image that games will use for promotions and extra content. Like that loading screen when Destiny is patching you might see it shuffle through some of the Destiny matte paintings. Generally a matte painting is pretty photorealistic, so I had to make this as accurate as possible. 

To make this as good as I could I made it using "photobashing". Photobashing (wow yall are learning a lot in this one) is a combination of painting, designing, and photomanipulation. When you combine all of those aspects correctly then you should end up with something like this. Hope you like it! And to my Barons and up, I assume you'll be wanting THIS one as your poster? Anyway, now I'm rendering the footage so it SHOULD be ready to post tomorrow.