Rated W for Warcraft videos
Making videos is fun, and it's even better when you make videos about things you love. 

My first RWFW videos are exclusively about the game itself, but the real reason I started making them is that I want to create even more fan content for Warcraft :D

RWFW #1 -  4 Awesome Topics I LOVE about Warcraft!

RWFW #2 -  The Final Boss of ALL World of Warcraft Theory!

RWFW #3 -  WHAT IF Illidan had defeated Arthas?

RWFW #4 -  New Spec Idea for SHAMANS!  

RWFW #5 -  New Spec Idea for PALADINS!   

RWFW #6 -  Paladin Exorcist Spec Revamp 

RWFW #7 - New Spec idea for WARLOCKS! 

RWFW #8 - New Spec Idea for MAGES! 

RWFW #9 - New Spec Idea for HUNTERS!