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RATT Discussion with Alexi Lalas - Ep259

Soccer legend Alexi Lalas joins the guys this week for a RATT Discussion; breaking down all eight studio albums and discussing the history of the band. RATT was one of the most notable bands to emerge from the burgeoning Sunset Strip era of the early 1980’s. From the self-titled EP that earned them a roster spot on Atlantic Records to the breakthrough success of Out of the Cellar, RATT let the world know early and often that they were a force to be reckoned with. Guitarists Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini formed a tandem that would write some of hard rock’s most memorable riffs. Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier combined for a powerful rhythm section. And Stephen Pearcy topped things off with a sleazy look and vocal delivery that made RATT stand out from the pack.

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RATT Discussion with Alexi Lalas



In this nearly 2-hour music and discussion talk, Alexi Lalas explains how he first discovered RATT
 as a youngster in suburban Detroit. In addition to the muscial
influence the band had on him, he shares stories of how the band’s
fashion sense rubbed off on him. It’s no doubt a fact that RATT‘s influence would help inspire Alexi to have one of the most unique looks in the world of sports in the 1990’s.

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Your three hosts break down every album including the often-underrated Dancing Undercover as well as Detonator. They also discuss later albums including the 1999 self-titled album that sported a different sound than what most RATT fans were accustomed to. 2010 saw RATT return to form with Infestation; a solid slab of classic-sounding RATT material that the rock world took to immediately. In this long-form episode, Alexi shares his thoughts on these albums as well as the situation concerning Bobby Blotzer‘s new version of RATT, the legal wrangling that’s been taking place over the last year, and the recent Monsters of Rock Cruise performance of the remaining members of RATT. It’s a solid block of RATT and Roll. We hope you enjoy RATT Discussion with Alexi Lalas and SHARE with a friend!

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