Raven Of Narnia Redux! What Is It And Why!
 So...I am going to be releasing the Raven Of Narnia Redux which will be a cleaned up version of the original chapters I posted of the Chronicles of the Raven stories. Why am I doing this? Well to be honest some of those chapters are rather 'raw'; plus in the years since I have written them I believe I have improved as a writer so I want to give Ryan the love he deserves. 

   The chapters will be released a minimum of two at time on the second Friday of every month until I have caught then the story will go back down to one chapter released at a time as it continues!

   For those wondering about the idea that there may be plot changes I can safely say for the most part there won't be, though some things may be tweaked or altered if the original scene doesn't flow properly with the rest of the story.

  The main thing I want to do is clean up and expand on a story I love. If I have become a better writer at all, then that story deserves to have a better telling!

  Also starting September there will be a poll on Patreon every month where an extra chapter of the story people prefer will be released on the fourth Friday of every month!