Ravens' Magick
One of the most notable aspects of the Thireador world is that, like some cultures in our own, corvids are associated with things such as death, illness, magic, witchcraft and, in the animals of the wilderness, dieties.

Denza is a wolf raised without knowledge or association with the spirits that many believe to exist.  Ravens are still directly associated with these, though mostly through fondness for the tales that were woven decades and decades ago.  Suspicions grow once the birds are discovered engaging in witchcraft with humans - a previously forbidden act.  Their work with "enchanting" plant matter to do their bidding strikes fear across their ever expanding world and eventually even animals - and humans - who never so much as blinked an eye in their direction are scattering at so much of whispers of their kind.

This is a digital illustration that currently serves as a cover/promotional art, and embodies many of the concepts found within the stories that are told within the Thireador project :)