RAW Phoenix February 19 2018

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High Fives to all the guys (and gals!)

Thank you for the support! This will get you unlimited high fives if/when we ever meet in person, in addition to:

Access to potential new designs I'm working on. I'm always looking for feedback, so you'll be part of the awesome group of people I want to crowdsource feedback from, in order to create new designs for things like my Society6Redbubble, etc.

Monthly Giveaways and Exclusive Content
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I do a monthly giveaways of something from my Society6, Redbubble, or Threadless shop for any Patron who contributes $3 or above! You may also choose up to two lapel pins from my Big Cartel site.

You will also receive exclusive PPV Breakdowns and additional content I feel like doing throughout the month.
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Not only will you receive access to potential new designs I'm working on, but you'll receive a different design by me each month that won't be released to the general public. You can do with it what you'd like for your own personal use**, within reason.

**Want to hang it up in your office? Awesome. Want to put it on a shirt for just you to wear? Sure, send me a photo! Want to put it on a shirt to sell to others? Absolutely not, but I am open to discussing permission to do that, at an additional cost.

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Design Feedback

Working on something on your own and would like some feedback? Is another designer working on something for you and you're not quite sure how to communicate your feelings on the design they sent you?

I've been a professional graphic designer for the past 6 years, and have a BFA in Graphic Design from the number one public art school in the United States. This isn't to toot my own horn (okay, maybe a little!) but it's to assure you that I know what I'm doing and I would be happy to provide consultation on a design you're working on, or something another designer is working on for you. I won't redesign the piece for you, just provide feedback and suggestions.

*This reward is NOT for design work. If you would like me to work as a designer for you, please contact me via my website*

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Special Breakdown of Your Choosing

Want me to Breakdown a Smackdown or NXT episode before the monthly goals are reached? What about something off the Network? This Breakdown comes at a huge discount, but getting one generous donation from you deserves it. If you want something broken down that isn't on the Network, then you need to *legally* provide the content to me if I don't have it in my personal library. You can choose if you want me to share it on my social media, or if you just want it for your own private use.

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