[RAW] - Poor and Starving Artist - Chapter 5 [RAW]
  [10,000 words roughly] 


 He was going to what?
“Secretly” show Yami a ‘nice time’?!
What the fuck did that even mean?
Also…it wasn’t that big of a secret!
He had signed the flower card!

FluffyKuri and Hara clapped excitedly, gazing up at Kaiba while hugging each other excitedly, attempting to suppress their giggles. 

“I don’t understand,” Kaiba said hollowly, and M nodded, frowning at him in a sympathetic manner. “It’s okay, Mr. Kaiba. You seem like you’ve got time today, right?”

“I don’t have time,” Kaiba answered automatically, and the group grew quiet, looking conflicted. Damn…he had to be the wet towel in every social situation, didn’t he?

“What does Yami mean to you?” FluffyKuri asked, suddenly looking angry. “You like him as a friend, at least, don’t you? Or maybe we’re reading into it wrong.”

Kaiba felt his mouth go dry and he turned his attention towards the windows of the coffee shop, searching for a girl, for anyone who looked like their name would be Chiro. 

“Hey! We’re talking to you!” Hara stamped his foot and scraped his shoe across the concrete, and Kaiba was instantly reminded of Mokuba throwing a tantrum, trying to get his attention.

“Yeah…Yeah, sure,” Kaiba answered vaguely. He was fully aware that any answer he gave would be twisted into something “prideshipping” related.

“Damn. Shin and Chiro are ghosts,” M said dramatically, ruffling his hair in frustration. “Do you think they’re hooking up?”

“Doubt it,” FluffyKuri answered seriously. “Chiro is very conservative, even though the nature of what she does is…not.” And Kaiba saw FluffyKuri glance at him nervously.

Yep, Kaiba agreed privately. The group was being very careful with their words, and he could feel it. 

“Who the hell is Chiro?” Kaiba asked in spite of himself, and the group looked at him strangely, before they all shrugged. 

“Dunno, we’ve never met her in person, but she seems real enough,” FluffyKuri replied, and Hara nodded. 

“I’ve met with Maconnal several times…and this is my first time seeing you, Kuri!!” Hara squealed and hugged her tightly, and Kaiba flinched at the sound. 

It seemed like Chiro was an expert at staying anonymous, even more so than he was, because everyone, including Shin, was present.

I’m Shin…! Kaiba thought, horrified, and he watched as the entire group bent over M’s phone, growing eerily silent. 

Yami felt the girl approach him from behind again and he rehearsed his question over and over in his mind. Please allow me to use your employee entrance. I don’t want to be seen by Seto Kaiba.

“Yami!” The girl called, and Yami whirled around, surprised. 

“Ah, there you are!” She cried, beckoning him away from the refrigerators. “I’ve just received an order for you! Come get it!”

A what?

Yami forced his numb legs to move, following her back to the front of the shop, relieved to see that no one was there.

“By the way, what are you plans for the rest of today?” The girl asked casually, not making eye contact and setting her phone visibly on the counter.

Yami watched as it buzzed three times in succession. She was getting texts…but she was ignoring them, but her phone was in sight.

“No plans,” Yami answered vaguely, for fear of being followed, and the girl frowned, “Oh please tell me. I mean no harm! A friend who is…a huge fan…is asking!” 

Yami instantly smelled her lie. Her phone buzzed across the counter again, and Yami mirrored her frown. What was going on?

“I really have no plans,” Yami said truthfully. He was going to head home.

“Well then…may I suggest…” The girl paused and looked down at her phone, reading out the title of a restaurant, “PancakeHouse Quatro! There is a reservation for you at a table there!”

Yami felt his eyelid twitch. What?

“It’s a popular place! They sell out of reservations every month! Wow, I’m so jealous of you!” The girl insisted, looking extremely nervous. “You must have a good connection!”

“I don’t have a reservation anywhere,” Yami growled, thinking it was about time he left. This girl was receiving instructions from someone on her phone on how to talk with him, and it was starting to irritate him. 

“Well, it’s worth walking by!” The girl said desperately, reading off her phone again, “And after…if you feel like it, stop by the…Ginza…shopping strip!”

Yami’s frown deepened, and this seemed to incite more panic in the girl.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and ducked behind the counter, pulling out a large bouquet of flowers. Yami shook his head, backing away slowly.
This girl was acting strange after a calling him by his name!
Was it because she had found out he wasn’t Yugi?!

“No thank you,” Yami said hastily moving towards the exit, and the girl hiccupped, blubbering frantically. “N-No, it’s not from me! Its fr-from your...s-secret admirer! Please read the note!” 

Yami turned around slowly, his heart thudding loudly in his ears. Secret admirer?

He nodded stiffly and accepted the bouquet from her with both hands, seeing a delicate heart-shaped tag hanging off the side. The edges were a stamped with lovely, golden flowers, and Yami snatched it up, reading it hastily, feeling his stomach clench as he barely recognized the thin, beautiful handwriting. 


I’m surrounded by a bunch of dorks.
These are for you. 






Yami blinked, incredulity washing steadily over him as understanding slowly dawned on him, and it was a glorious, wonderful moment. 

He felt a deep rush of appreciation for Maconnal, FluffyKuri, and Dokihara.

It seemed like those three had somehow managed to rope Kaiba along into doing their bidding, and they were living out their prideshipping dreams by forcing Kaiba to gift him with flowers…and, judging by the way the flower girl had been reading off her phone, they had planned out an entire day for him…all at Kaiba’s expense.

Was this…like…a date?
Were they setting up an entire day of dating activities between him and Kaiba? 

Yami glanced down at the flowers in his arms, his heart racing excitedly in his chest, feeling his eyes heating up with emotion.
He could cry from happiness.
Did Kaiba know what was happening?
Clearly not.
Yami glanced down at the heart-shaped card, reading it again.

“Help. I’m surrounded by a bunch of dorks….”

It didn’t matter.

Yami gripped the bouquet so hard, the plastic crinkled, and he felt the girl’s eyes on him. He turned and smiled gently at her, feeling gratitude towards her too.

She was in on it, undoubtedly receiving instructions from M on her phone, and Yami resolved he would enjoy this day like it was his last day on earth. 

Kaiba was being forced to take him out on a “date”, and he couldn’t be happier at the thought. 

“Where am I going next?” Yami asked lightly, and the girl seemed taken aback by the sudden change in his tone.

“Um…and after the Ginza strip…p-please stop by the pier! There’s a…show?” The girl squinted at her phone and quickly hid it behind her back, nodding vigorously. 

Ha! Yami thought, deeply amused. He nodded politely at her and stepped out of the flower shop, feeling incredibly lighthearted. 

Seto glanced around frantically, his mind racing for a way he could shake off the group to grab some alone-time with Yami. 

“Move, move, let’s go!” Maconnal hissed, looping his arm through Kuri’s elbow and pulling her further down the street. 

Kaiba watched them go, standing his ground. He would wait for Yami to walk out of the shop, and then drag him away from this creepy group of stalkers.

A strong hand gripped his forearm and pulled him forcefully down the sidewalk, causing his feet to skid painfully against the concrete, and Kaiba almost tripped over himself, glaring at the tiny figure of Hara in front of him, dragging him away from the flower shop. 

“Let go,” Kaiba hissed, prying Hara’s fingers off from his arm, seeing the boy turn to give him a worried frown. 

“We can’t be seen by him! Otherwise the surprise will be ruined,” he said, his voice rising to a whine, and Kaiba decided that he had had enough.

He planted his feet firmly apart, resisting the urge to curse at the boy. “There is no surprise,” Kaiba hissed, finally managing to shake Hara’s hand off from his arm. “I signed the card, so he knows its me.”

Hara paled, and he twisted around to call over his shoulder at his two friends who were quickly disappearing up the street. “Yo! Em!” His voice echoed off the walls and there was no response, as M and Kuri were engrossed in a conversation with each other, out of earshot.

“Emery!” Hara ran off to relay the news to his friends, leaving Kaiba standing alone on the sidewalk. 

Fucking finally, Kaiba fumed, clenching his fists at his sides. 

He whirled around found himself face-to-face with Yami, who looked equally as startled, holding the large bouquet of flowers.

Yami tried to calm his racing heart as he smiled what he hoped was a warm smile, and nodded politely at Kaiba, who was standing before him, looking as handsome as ever. Thank him for the flowers? Or continue on as if nothing is wrong?
Where were M and the others?

“You’re being followed,” Kaiba said viciously, feeling himself break out into a cold sweat. This was his chance. This was his fucking chance. He had better not fuck it up for himself. 

Yami blinked, raising his eyebrows slowly. “What?” Act surprised, and pretend like nothing is wrong. “Nice to see you too, Kaiba.”

“Whatever,” Kaiba growled, throwing an anxious look over his shoulder, seeing M, Kuri and Hara stopped in their tracks, staring at them with wide eyes. “Let’s lose them, quick.”

Yami’s heart leapt up into his throat as he contemplated shaking his head. Wait…no! Kaiba was running away in his typical Kaiba fashion.

Yami opened his mouth to speak before realizing Kaiba had wrapped a cold hand around his wrist and pulled him down the street in the opposite direction. The cheers and giggles from Em, Kuri, and Hara followed them as their voices echoed down the street.

Kaiba felt the skin underneath his palms burn as he kept his hand firmly wrapped around Yami’s wrist, hearing Yami stutter in protest behind him as he spied an empty café and elbowed the door aside, pulling Yami into the shop with him, letting door slammed loudly behind them, causing the cashier at the counter to jump and whirl around, bowing deeply, welcoming them in. 

“We-Welcome in Mr. Kaiba and Yugi…”

Kaiba ignored the cashier, rounding on Yami, feeling his blood boil in a strange, familiar way as he saw that Yami was gazing up at him coldly, with a solid frown. 

“What are you doing, Kaiba?” Yami asked quietly, his heart pounding angrily in his chest. He had been looking forward to the “date”!

“Didn’t you hear me when I said you were being followed?” Kaiba hissed, feeling his stomach twist with despair as Yami yanked his hand away from his grasp, glaring at him. 

“By who?” Yami countered, willing himself to remain calm as he felt his phone buzzing incessantly in his pocket. It was making a very loud sound in the empty café, and Yami prayed Kaiba would ask any questions. It was probably M, texting Chiro the “good news”. Don’t act suspicious. Ignore it.

Kaiba tensed, hearing his own phone ringing in his pocket. Damn those fucking fans! He had forgotten to silence his phone. He forced himself to remain calm.
Don’t act suspicious.

He held Yami’s gaze for a second longer before slowly reaching into his pocket. “Mokuba is calling me,” and Kaiba turned away from Yami, sliding his phone out to glare at the stream of notifications streaming down his screen. 

xlmaconnalx: seriously dude, u are missing out on some…
 xlmaconnalx: and like, Seto Kaiba is totally not…
 xlmaconnalx: BTW are you with Chiro? Because…
 xlmaconnalx: TEXT HER OK? JESUS. YOU TWO ARE….”

12Chiro: Shinnnnnn, are you at the café?
 12Chiro: I walked by and didn’t see you…”

Chiro had walked by?! Kaiba froze, hearing Yami rustling the bouquet of flowers behind him, and he forced himself to remember every face that had passed by him when he had been standing at the front of the café with Emery and the others.
No one had walked by. This was a lie.

Yami shifted uncomfortably, staring at Kaiba’s slender shoulders, fixating on the thin seam line of his dark blazer, appreciating the change. He looked less intimidating when he was dressed like this. It was nice.

Yami glanced down at his phone, turning it completely off, and shoving it back into his pocket. He would read all of Maconnal’s text later in the privacy of his own room, because right now, Kaiba was here, right in front of him!

Sighing, Yami glanced down at the flowers in his arms, staring at the delicate white petals of a lily, trying to suppress the slow bubble of disappointment welling up inside him. 

These flowers were empty gesture.

He raised his head to stare at Kaiba, who was still frowning at his phone, and decided he was going home. 

Yami leaned the door open and stepped out of the shop, gritting his teeth, willing himself not to feel anything.

This was the worst.

Even when he had Kaiba standing right in front of him, holding the flowers that had been bought for him, there was nothing but silence, reminding him that once they were off dueling grounds, they weren’t even casual acquaintances. 

Kaiba turned around and realized Yami had disappeared, seeing the door swinging as Yami’s shadow slid over the bevel, and he panicked, chasing after him frantically.

“Wait...!” Kaiba called, striding out of the café and reaching out to place a hand on Yami’s shoulder before deciding against it and forcing himself to lower his hand, seeing Yami stop in his steps, turning around to glare at him again. “What is it, Kaiba?”

Kaiba felt himself sinking into the concrete beneath him as Yami continued to glare at him, his angular violet eyes were unusually dark, and it was sending chills up and down his spine. 

Quick, make up an excuse, you idiot! Kaiba berated himself, his tongue slipping on the first insult that came to mind. “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I…what?” Yami blinked, his ears ringing with disbelief. Was Kaiba trying to pick a fight?

“Yeah, you’re being stalked by a group of fans, and you’re just going to waltz home? Where are you going anyway?” Kaiba could feel himself slipping dangerously, and he caught himself just in time. “You should shake them off before you do anything else, and standing here isn’t a solution, so follow me.”

Yami shook his head, struggling to understand as Kaiba brushed past him and stood at the street corner, staring at him expectantly. W-What?

“Are you coming or not?” Kaiba hissed, feeling his cheeks burn so much, his eyes started to sting. What would he do if Yami refused? He wanted to show Yami a good time in his own way, without being followed around by that band of weirdos. 

And he would lie and scheme his way into getting Yami to spend the day with him. He would successfully find out what Yami’s daily schedule was, and then ambush him accordingly based on his free time. 

Yami nodded stiffly and propped the bouquet of flowers over his shoulder, realizing it was getting quite heavy, and he tucked one hand in his pocket, forcing his feet to move forward as he fell into step beside Kaiba.

He stared excitedly at their shadows cast across the concrete in front of them. Kaiba’s slim, clean cut shadow, without his flowing trench coat, walking beside his spiky-haired one, with an additional shape curving above his shoulder from the bouquet of flowers…this was a dream, wasn’t it?

“Where are going?” Yami asked lightly, sneaking a glance at Kaiba before looking away quickly, his heart threatening to explode out of his chest as he realized Kaiba had been looking at him strangely.

“Anywhere but that pancake house,” He hissed, and he heard Yami let out a deep laugh beside him, causing his heart to skip several beats. He hoped that Em and the others would make good use of that reservation he had bought, and he cursed himself for being dragged along so easily.
Control. He needed control. 

They turned another corner in silence, and Kaiba tensed his jaw, wondering where the hell they were going. It didn’t matter.
He would go anywhere Yami was going, wherever that was.
They could walk infinite circles around Domino City and he would follow. 

“So…” Yami said quietly, following Kaiba down another deserted street, feeling his excitement rise. Where were they going? It didn’t matter. “Is it safe to assume that these flowers are from you?”

Kaiba felt his eyelid twitch. “Of course. Who the fuck else?”
Had Yami not seen the note? 

“Right,” Yami replied amicably, feeling his heart soar. He would keep the heart-shaped note with Kaiba’s handwriting on it, forever.
The S was for Seto.
He was a fool for thinking of Shin’s name first.

He gripped the bouquet tighter, trying to contain his excitement, his mind racing for a conversation starter. 

“How are you these days?” Yami asked lightly, and he saw Kaiba tense visibly before answering with a simple one-word answer. “Fine.”

Of course, Yami thought darkly, thinking it was pointless to start a conversation with Kaiba. 

They turned down another narrow street that was lined with small shops, and Kaiba felt himself beginning to panic again as he swore he caught the reflection of a pastel skirt in one of the windows. Were they still being followed?!

Yami stood very still, staring into the display of a vintage game shop, seeing the plastic cartridges blur in his vision as he saw Maconnal and Kuri in the reflection. He saw them stop a few paces away before they ducked into a shop with a small boy hurrying behind them. Dokihara.

Kaiba cursed under his breath and Yami glanced up at him mildly, smiling. “What is it?”
We’re still being followed.
Get used to it, Kaiba.
There would be plenty of prideshipping photos to browse through on twitter later. 

A balding old man rushed to the front of the store and bowed deeply at them, sounding extremely excited. “Mr. Kaiba…and Mr. Yugi! Welcome! My-My son is a huge fan!”

“We’re leaving,” Kaiba growled, but Yami had spoken over him at the same time. “We’ll take a photo with your son!”

The man straightened up and blinked, smiling shakily before dashing back into the dark shop, and Kaiba rounded on Yami, his head pounding with fear and anxiety.
Another public photo with Yami.
God…he would not survive this day.

“What the fuck!” Kaiba hissed, “I didn’t agree to this!”

“You do it for your fans,” Yami replied indignantly, shifting the flowers across to his other shoulder. “Set your feelings aside for once, and do something nice.”

Kaiba clenched his fists, hating everything. He had wanted to pull Yami away privately so he could have alone-time. Not so that they could be stopped every five feet for a photo opportunity!

He reached out instinctively and closed his hand around Yami’s wrist once more, forcefully pulling him away from the shop, ignoring his protests. 

“…Kaiba!” Yami said, his throat closing up as he stared at Kaiba’s pale hand wrapped around his wrist, his beautifully manicured nails gleamed in the sunlight. 

Yami let himself be led forwards, wondering if Kaiba would murder him if he asked to properly hold hands. He would try, even if it killed him.

He jerked his hand away forcefully, seeing Kaiba pause in his steps, sighing. “Yami…” I think I’m in love with you.

“Don’t touch me unless you’re planning on holding my hand properly!” Yami fumed, feeling his palms sweat against the plastic of the bouquet, as he saw Kaiba’s eyes widen. Oh no….

Kaiba bit his tongue, blinking rapidly, trying to quell his rising emotions as he tried to ignore Yami’s words from echoing around in his head. Don’t touch me…. Don’t touch me….

Fine. No touching. Fuck everything.

“Then keep up,” Kaiba snapped, turning on his heel and striding down the road, pulling up a mental map of the city.
They were a few blocks away from the downtown park.
He would leave Yami in a public space, and safely part ways there. 

Yami frowned, his despair rising as he realized he had messed up. Cursing himself, he stared glumly at the backs of Kaiba’s shoes, and he help but notice that Kaiba was also wearing pair of shoes he had never seen before. 

They were elegant and classy, with a nice rounded heel, and the way the cuffs of his slacks shivered over the top of the shoe when he walked, was hypnotizing. 

Yami couldn’t stop staring. He raked his eyes up and down Kaiba’s slender back again, staring at the crisp folds of his dark blazer, his heart thumping nervously in his chest.
He wanted to touch. Every inch of Kaiba in front of him.
Could he do it now?

The ground changed, and the concrete become much smoother. 

Yami jerked his head up, staring at the neat rows of lamp posts laid out down the street in front of them, the sounds of children’s laughter ringing in his ears.
They were back on the main road…walking through Domino Park.

Yami risked a glance behind him, startled to see Em, Kuri, and Dokihara, still shadowing them firmly, a few paces behind. Kuri even waved, smiling at him, and Yami paused to stare, feeling warm all over. 

Kaiba heard Yami’s footsteps stop behind him, and he kept walking, praying that Yami would continue following him, but the sounds of footsteps had disappeared. Damn. Damn it all. Keep walking. Forget it.

Yami tightened his grip on the bouquet, and rushed forwards, his heart pounding as he caught up with Kaiba and gave him a warm smile. He would act as if he was Kaiba’s closest friend in the world, and then later look back on the photos M had taken of them, and then lose himself in his own fantasies. 

“Kaiba—” Yami began, and he stumbled, almost tripping over a small child who was clinging to his leg, gazing up at him with shining eyes. “Yugi!”

“Ah…” Yami said nervously, keeping the smile on his face, feeling himself sweat.
I’m not Yugi.
“Would you like a pretty flower?” He asked, seeing Kaiba slowly turning around to stare at them, and Yami felt his skin burn. 

“Yes!” The boy cried, just as his mother rushed towards them, looking extremely embarrassed. 

“No, no thank you, and we’re very sorry,” the mother said quietly, grabbing her child’s hand and attempting to drag him away. 

Yami hastily pulled out the long-stemmed lily and handed it to the child, seeing the boy’s chubby hand wrapping around base of the flower, looking ecstatic. 

“A flower from Yugi!” The boy smiled happily, shoving the petals into his mother’s face, and Yami nodded politely at them, feeling Kaiba hovering beside him radiating a strange heat.

“Let’s go, Yugi, we’re still being followed,” Kaiba said spitefully, tossing a glare over his shoulder at the oddly dressed trio, catching Maconnal’s eye and flinching internally. 

Yami straightened up and nodded, reaching out to rest his hand gently on Kaiba’s forearm, curling his fingers into the fabric and stepping carefully around the child, smiling warmly down at the boy, who waved at him, and Yami waved back, his stomach curling as he could feel Kaiba’s arm flexing and tensing beneath his touch.

Bear with it Kaiba…for a photo.
He was relying on Maconnal to record all of this!

Yami grit his teeth and kept his gaze on the walkway up head, keeping his hand on Kaiba’s arm, stealing a glance at Kaiba beside him, seeing Kaiba’s eyes fixed on the ground, his face unreadable, his eyes obscured by his brown bangs. 

They were approaching a group of people crowded around a small stand, and Yami dropped his hand from Kaiba’s arm, knowing he was greatly overstepping Kaiba’s personal space. He was going to be shouted at for it later in private, but it didn’t matter. He would endure it, because he had gotten to touch Kaiba casually…even if it was only for a few seconds.

Kaiba gazed over the heads of the crowd, disappointment sitting heavily in his chest as he felt Yami’s arm slide off from his own, and frantically tried to come up with another excuse for them to touch, but his mind was strangely blank, and his body was strangely numb. 

Yami watched with great interest as the group thinned, and a giant wheel with a tiny handle sat on a portable cart, with a man wearing a blue vest standing beside it, handing out tiny tickets to passersbys. 

“Welcome!” The man said loudly, gesturing for them to move closer and pointing at the wheel. “Try you luck at the raffle! Yellow Mart is currently doing a promotional grand opening!”

Kaiba grit his teeth and shook the hair out of his eyes, desperately wanting to leave, but he caught a look of excitement flitting across Yami’s face and resolved to stay. Yami was good at this kind of shit, wasn’t he? Pure luck and games of chance.

Kaiba watched as the young boy from earlier grabbed the small white handle and gave the wheel a hard spin. The loud rattling from the raffle balls inside the wheel was starting to give Kaiba a headache and Yami stared keenly at the small ball that rolled out of the tiny opening. It was white.

“White!” The man clapped excitedly, handing the boy two tickets. “500 yen coupon for any food item! Congratulations! Next person, quickly!”

“What color is the most valuable?” Yami asked quietly, more to himself than anything, but to his surprise, Kaiba answered him steadily. “There’s a color chart on the side of the cart. People are blocking the way, but the most common prize color is white. You want the A or B prize, which would be yellow and blue.”

“I see. Want to give it a try?” Yami asked, his excitement rising higher as he saw Kaiba nod beside him. 

They stepped in front of the man, and the man bowed, smiling widely. “Ah…Domino’s top stars! Welcome, welcome! Yellow Mart is deeply grateful for your participation in our raffle!”

Kaiba froze, hearing the people quiet down behind them, and Yami also looked nervous. 

Yami swallowed tightly, deeply regretting everything. He had merely wanted to give the wheel a spin, for fun! Not in front of an audience!
This man was turning their appearance at this wheel as commercial opportunity!
And somewhere behind him, a camera flashed, causing his palms to sweat.

Ha, Kaiba thought darkly, thinking he would rub this in Yami’s face later. This was a lesson the two Yugi’s needed to learn.

The price of being a famous face…was that you endorsed everything you touched.

“I will go first,” Kaiba said arrogantly, placing a hand on Yami’s shoulder, giving him a warm, reassuring squeeze.
Watch me, follow my lead, it’ll be fine. 

Yami stepped aside and swallowed his nervousness, feeling his knees grow weak as Kaiba’s hand on his shoulder felt nice…too nice.

“Yes, yes!” The man cried happily, gesturing for the crowd to step closer. “Everyone look closely! Seto Kaiba is a picture of confidence!”

Kaiba bit the inside of his cheek and reached his hand out towards the man in a business-like manner, seeing the man lean forward to shake it with both hands vigorously. 

“Congratulations on your grand opening,” Kaiba said firmly, and he realized his voice carried, because the crowd behind them had gone completely silent. 

There was a small burst of applause, and Kaiba took this chance to give the wheel a careful spin, hearing the raffle balls clattering around loudly before a tiny, yellow ball popped out into the tray and came to a rolling stop.

“Yellow! The grand prize! The A prize!” The man crowed, reaching into his vest pocket and pressing a white envelope into Kaiba’s hand, and Kaiba automatically turned towards the crowd, tucking the envelope into his blazer, bowing stiffly, with the applause ringing in his ears.
What the fuck was in this envelope? Money?
It didn’t matter. He would give it away anyway.
He wasn’t endorsing Yellow Mart for free.

Yami gaped at the small yellow ball sitting in the wooden tray, and he couldn’t believe it! Kaiba’s luck was uncanny! 

He watched Kaiba straighten up and smile with practiced fluidity at the crowd, thanking the man with another handshake, and multiple phone cameras flashed, causing bright green spots to dance in his vision.

Yami felt his knees grow weak again, and he had never wanted to disappear more than he did now.

“Now, for Mr. Yugi!” The man said warmly, reaching towards Yami, and Yami corrected him automatically, feeling his head spin as he heard himself say his own name.

“Ah, my deepest apologies. Yami, will now spin the wheel! Please, please go on!” The man urged, flashing Kaiba a nervous smile, and Yami grabbed the white handle with more force than was necessary, hating everything. This was no longer fun. He wanted to leave.

The clattering wheel grew silent as it stopped spinning and Yami watched as a pale blue ball popped out of the opening, and he blinked, hearing the crowd’s applause ringing in his ears again.

“Blue! The B prize!” The man cheered excitedly, reaching behind the cart and holding up a stuffed bear, wearing a yellow apron and hat. “What luck! What a day! Both A and B prizes have been won by Domino City’s top stars! Here is the Yellow Mart mascot, Mr. Yugi! Please take care of him!”

Yami nodded, his body strangely numb as he accepted the toy from the man and turned to nod politely at the crowd, catching Maconnal waving wildly at him from the middle. 

He started to wave back, just as Kaiba’s arm shot across his face to grab his raised hand, and he was pulled away quickly, with the man’s shouts echoing behind them. “Thank you!! Thank you, come again!”

Yami felt relief washing over him as Kaiba pulled him down the street, and they turned the corner at the end of the block, ducking into a deserted alleyway, and Yami leaned against the wall, catching his breath, attempting to compose himself. 

“Goddamn,” Kaiba growled, palming his face nervously, feeling himself shake. “And that’s why you always think before you touch anything, got it?”

Yami nodded mutely, thinking that Kaiba had saved him. If he had been dragged into that situation with Maconnal and Kuri, he wouldn’t know how to politely exit.

“Now let’s see what the fuck this is,” Kaiba said, reaching in to his blazer pocket and sliding out the white envelope.

Yami watched as Kaiba pulled out two, large orange tickets, and they stared at the slips in silence, reading the bolded print across the front. 

“Hot Springs Voucher…” 

“Right,” Kaiba breathed, feeling the blood rush to his head as he imagined Yami sitting naked across from him in a hot spring, and he forced himself to remain calm. This was good fortune smiling down upon him.
How should he proceed from here so that his ulterior motives weren’t blatantly obvious?

Yami felt his eyes water as his breathing quickened.
Either the gods were cursing him, or laughing at him.
A hot spring resort? With Kaiba?
Like they were a couple on a honey moon?!

Meanwhile, Kaiba’s mind was racing as he struggled to find a way to invite Yami without it sounding like a real invitation.
Reverse psychology.
Make it seem like Yami was the last person he would ever want to take. 

“Perfect,” Kaiba said warmly, tucking the tickets away in his pocket, and Yami blinked, feeling his heart soar. So, Kaiba thought it was perfect?!
Just the two of them at a hot spring resort was perfect!

“Mokuba would love this,” Kaiba added, and Yami felt his heart crash to his feet and shatter into a million pieces. Damn. Mokuba. 

Quick. Retaliate.

“That’s unfair and very selfish of you, Kaiba,” Yami said hurriedly, and Kaiba felt his heart stop in his chest, and resolved to cling onto Yami’s next word, deeply excited. Oh, that was easier than he’d originally thought!
Yami was going to insist on coming with him instead!

“Spinning the wheel was my idea,” Yami continued, “So clearly, the tickets belong to me and Yugi.” And Kaiba grit his teeth, feeling his chest tighten with annoyance. Fuck. Yugi.

“Yeah, that’s not how this works,” Kaiba hissed, thinking that his plan was backfiring horribly. “I’m holding the tickets; therefore, they are mine.”

Fuck. Fuck. No. This conversation was going the wrong way.

“Fine,” Yami snapped, losing his patience as the familiar, crushing despair rose up inside him. It was pointless to argue with Kaiba about this! 

“Enjoy your trip with Mokuba.” Yami hissed as he stalked off, striding out of the alleyway and feeling his eyes burn as he continued down the street, leaving Kaiba standing alone behind him.

Kaiba blinked rapidly, hating himself as he curled his fingers into his palms.
Shit. Fuck. Come back.

He watched as Yami’s spiky-haired figure turned the corner and disappeared up the block. Damn.

Yami stuck his hand in his pocket and held the power button down on his phone, counting the seconds, willing himself to remain calm. Kaiba was infuriating as usual. 

His phone buzzed twice in his pocket, and he slid it out slowly, hearing an unfamiliar voice call out his name. “Yami!”

Yami paused and slowly stuck his phone back into his pocket, turning around to see Em, FluffyKuri, and Hara rushing up behind him, panting and clutching their sides, looking excited. 

“Do you remember me?” M asked in a rush, grinning widely and pointing at the stuffed bear tucked under his arm. “Cute prize! We saw you win it!”

“Thank you,” Yami replied dryly, not in the mood to be social anymore. 

“What did Mr. Kaiba win?” FluffyKuri squeaked, pressing her pretty pink manicured fingers together.

“A set of onsen vouchers,” Yami growled, feeling his eyes heating up dangerously again. He wasn’t going to cry in front of fans. Kaiba’s behavior was irritating and hurtful as usual. 

“Exciting!” Dokihara enunciated, staring at the flowers in Yami’s hands. “I take it you will be going together!”

“Don’t count on it,” Yami growled, shoving the bouquet of flowers in the boy’s face. “Here, take these.”

“Aaaaaaaaahh…!” Hara floundered, swatting the flowers away from his face, looking distressed. “N-No, they’re for you!”

“I’ll keep this,” Yami said quietly, unhooking the heart-shaped tag from the edge of the bouquet, seeing Hara gently lift the flowers up to his nose, inhaling deeply. 

“Smell like money!” The boy grinned, and Em gave him a hard nudge. “Shut up.”

“Can we read the tag? What does the tag say?” Fluffykuri asked, sounding excited, and Yami held the stuffed bear out to her to distract her, seeing her shake her head frantically. He pressed the stuffed toy into her hands, and she smiled shakily, looking as if she was about to faint. 

“O-Oh…um…thank you! It’s so cute!” She whispered, and Yami could feel Em’s eyes on his hand clutching the heart-shaped note, and sure enough, Em repeated Kuri’s question.

“What did he write?” M asked hastily and the group went silent, staring at him with shining eyes, and Yami shook his head, deciding to lie. “He wrote: I am huge selfish asshole.”

“What?” M said, sounding exasperated. “Why am I not surprised.”

Yami gave the group a casual wave and walked away quickly, feeling his phone buzzing violently in his pocket. He slid it out quickly, scrolling past Maconnal’s old messages to read new texts from Shin.

Shinnn: hey shut-in. You ditched again.
Shinnn: you weren’t anywhere near the café.
Shinnn: I was there.
Shinnn: I just didn’t say hi, because just looking at that girl in the pastel outfit
Shinnn: was literally giving me a cluster headache 

12Chiro: fuck you.
12Chiro: muted.

Yami clicked his phone off, feeling nauseous. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Shin’s rudeness.

Kaiba leaned back against the brick wall of the alleyway, blinking back tears of frustration. What the fuck was wrong with him?
It was like he couldn’t socialize like a normal human being.
Yami was mad at him.
Chiro was mad at him.
And everything was his own stupid fault.

He shoved his phone into his pocket and strode out of the alleyway, almost tripping over Dokihara as the trio walked by, and Kaiba cursed, hearing shouts of surprise and delight.

“Oh my god, Seto Kaiba…again!” Em declared dramatically, and Kaiba grit his teeth, striding away from them as quickly as possible, hearing the patter of their footsteps follow him closely. Fuck. 

“Hey, hey, selfish asshole,” Em called, and Kaiba clenched his fists in his pockets. “Why don’t you take Yami to the hot spring with you?”

“Yes, yes!” Kuri panted, hiking up her dress and taking longer steps, struggling to keep up. “What happened to making it up to him?”

“You made him super angry, we saw!” Dokihara chimed in, running after them with the flowers rustling loudly in his arms. 

Kaiba lost his temper and he whirled around, seeing Em almost run into him nose-first, and Kaiba shoved the tickets into his hands, watching white-tipped nails close hesitantly around the envelope.

Kaiba glared the three of them, trying to keep the emotion out of his voice as he spoke. “I’m not endorsing Yellow Mart by accepting their trip, so take it.”

Maconnal blinked at him, and the other two gaped at the envelope in his hand. 

Kaiba stormed off down the street, leaving the group standing behind him, looking aghast. He wanted to make his way back to his car undisturbed. Was that too much to ask for?
Yami shoved the door of the game shop aside, hearing the bell knocking violently above his head as he slammed it shut behind him, breathing heavily. Going outside today had been a nightmare and a terrible mistake. 

“Welcome back…” Yugi frowned, seeing Yami brush past him coldly and kick his shoes off before walking through the connecting hallway without looking behind him once.

“Hey…” Yugi hurried into the house after Yami, deeply concerned. “Tell me what happened while you were out!”

Yami held his breath and felt himself lose the last of his composure. He turned to face Yugi, feeling tears sting the corners of his eyes as he spoke. “Kaiba happened. We were being followed by a group of fans, and he wouldn’t let it go, insisting that we shake them off.”

“Well, the fans shouldn’t be stalking you…he’s right…” Yugi said slowly, his concern steadily rising as he could see Yami’s shoulders shaking slightly. 

“Right, and he was behaving very selfishly,” Yami continued viciously, feeling a sliver of doubt trickling through him as he said this.
Was this true?

Kaiba had bought him beautiful flowers at the insistence of fans, to please them.
A very unselfish action.

Kaiba had approached him…fearing for his safety.
A very unselfish action.

Kaiba had led him away, first down several empty streets, before passing by a crowded area…also for their safety, in an attempt to lose the fans.
Also an unselfish action.

Kaiba’s unwillingness to let go of the tickets was also fair.
He had won them out of pure luck, so he wanted to take Mokuba. Family first.
There was nothing selfish about any of that.

“Yami?” Yugi said quietly, seeing Yami shake his head and head up the stair, hearing the door to their room slam shut. 

Yugi sighed, thinking he ought to message Kaiba. He walked back out to tend the game shop counter, seeing his phone vibrating across the glass, and he snatched it up, surprised to see Mokuba’s caller ID floating across the screen.

He slid his finger across the bottom and pressed it to his ear, “Mokuba?”

“Hey, Seto is gonna call you in two seconds. Say no! Also, say that I can stay over so we can play Fortress2 all night!” And the phone clicked off in his ear.

Yugi frowned, his confusion rising as an unknown number appeared across his screen, causing his phone to ring in his hand. Kaiba…?

He pressed the phone to his ear, hearing Kaiba’s cold voice drifting through the receiver, speaking rapidly, not giving him room to respond. “Yugi. There was some stupid shit that happened with hot spring vouchers, and I didn’t want them to think that it was a sponsored trip, so I refused them, which pissed Yami off, so I’m calling to tell you—”

“Wait wait…what?” Yugi interrupted, his heart pounding frantically in his chest as he slowly pieced together what Mokuba wanted him to do. “Say no!” So that Kaiba and Yami could have time together a hot spring, while they played video games all night?!

Kaiba was still speaking. “…two-day, one night, bed and breakfast. You can—”

“I don’t want to go,” Yugi said roughly, feeling his cheeks burn. 

Yami had better be thankful for this! This was a luxury hot springs trip on Kaiba’s tab, how unfair!

Kaiba blinked, gripping his phone tighter against his ear. What? Why? Why?!
The only way he could get Yami come along was if Yugi went too!

“What?” he said, feeling himself grow numb all over. Damn…Yugi was always refusing his generosity at the worst times. 

“Take Yami,” Yugi said hurriedly, rushing back into the house and up the stairs. “I’m not interested.”

“What?” Kaiba’s voice echoed in Yugi’s ear as he knocked loudly on the bedroom door. “Yami! Can I come in?”

Kaiba held his breath, swallowing nervously when heard this. He thought the twins shared a room. Why was Yugi asking permission to enter?

Yami lifted his head up from his desk and thunked it back down heavily. No.

Yugi eased the door open and took a few steps towards Yami, hovering behind his desk, hitting the speakerphone button, speaking loudly. “I said…I’m not interested. Take. Yami.”

“Fine,” Kaiba fumed, gripping his knee tightly with his free hand. “Tell him to pack a bag and a car will be at your front door this weekend.”

The phone clicked off and Yami slowly raised his head, wondering what he had just heard.

“Good!” Yugi said happily, slipping his phone back into his pocket. “You heard him, Yami. Just you two at a hot spring resort. Pack a bag.”

Yami blinked rapidly, his heart racing a thousand beats per minute inside his chest. What? What changed?

“I don’t understand,” Yami said quietly, turning to give Yugi a strange look, and Yugi shrugged, replying casually. “He said something about…not wanting it to look like a sponsored trip, and something about…making you angry. I dunno.”

Yami felt his world stop spinning as he watched Yugi exit the room, closing the door softly behind him, and he flipped his laptop open, staring at the screen blankly.
This was too good to be true. Was Kaiba doing this to make amends? 

Were they really going to a hot springs resort together for the weekend?

Shaking with excitement, Yami grabbed his phone and send M a quick text, seeing a response bubble up equally as quickly.


xlmaconnalx: WHAT?!

Yami bit his lip, hesitating for a moment before typing out his reply. 

12Chiro: Kaiba and Yami. At a hotsprings resort together. Hehehehe

xlmaconnalx: NO WAY. I HAVE THE TICKETS HERE! -image attached-

Yami drew in a sharp breath and tapped on the image, waiting for it to load. He stared at the two familiar slips of paper, feeling his heart stop in his chest.
Kaiba had given it away?! To Maconnal no less?!
Then did that mean…Kaiba had personally gone out of his way to re-purchase the tickets?! Specifically for the two of them?!

12Chiro: WHATWHATWWhatwhatwhat okok what?
12Chiro: Ok.
12Chiro: …………What??!?!?!

xlmaconnalx: (grin)(grin) YEAH BITCH ok so listen
xlmaconnalx: im never forgiving you. Ever.
xlmaconnalx: Don’t say you’re coming to a meet up
xlmaconnalx: and then not show up, ok?

xlmaconnalx: Anyway, we bumped into Kaiba RIGHT AFTER seeing Yami
xlmaconnalx: And Kaiba was all like ---pissed off---
xlmaconnalx: AND HE TOUCHED MY HAND!!

Yami frowned, feeling a twinge of annoyance and rush of hatred, recalling how Kaiba had refused to hold his hand, choosing only to grip him by the wrist.

Ah, so, Kaiba touching hands with Maconnal was fine?
Kaiba shaking hands with the Yellow Mart salesman was fine?
It seemed like Kaiba touching hands with everyone was a normal, daily occurrence.
So, Kaiba touching his hand meant nothing.

12Chiro: he touched your hand.
12Chiro: Great.
12Chiro: I hate you.

xlmaconnalx: you’d hate me less if you were actually there!!
xlmaconnalx: Anyway, he was super angry, saying stuff like
xlmaconnalx: “rghrghrgh…I’m not a sponsor of Yellow Mart. You take it.”


xlmaconnalx: HEY CHIRO COME TO THE HOT SPRING WITH ME yoU deserter

Yami watched the screen blur in and out of his vision and he tabbed away from the chat, aimlessly opening up his chat with Shin, seeing a barrage of unread messages. 

Shinnn: hey, don’t mute me.
Shinnn: I’m…sorry????
Shinnn: I’ve had a shit day.
Shinnn: how about this.
Shinnn: I’ll write you a scene! Yami/Kaiba have a sexy hot spring trip, hm?
Shinnn: Chiro, answer me.
Shinnn: hurry, say yes or no.
Shinnn: too late. M said ‘do it’ so you opinion is irrelevant. 

Does everyone know about this hot spring trip? Yami thought wearily, typing out his response.

12Chiro: k.

12Chiro: how does everyone know about this hot spring trip?

Shinnn: they’re not actually going on a hot spring trip. It’s fucking made up.
Shinnn: M told me Kaiba handed her?him? vouchers to hot springs
Shinnn: and that inspired an idea.
Shinnn: why? Do you have anything from your inside source?

Kaiba drummed his fingers nervously against his desk, wondering if he could figure out who Chiro was, based on how quickly she got information from the Yugi-group. According to his call log, he had hung up on Yugi ten minutes ago. Would Chiro know that he had successfully invited Yami to a hot springs resort?

12Chiro: omg idk (tears of laughter)
12Chiro: I don’t follow Yami’s personal life like a crazy person. 

12Chiro: if you want to know so badly, you talk to him!
12Chiro: good scene idea. Can’t wait to read it. (heart)
12Chiro: Bye.

-12Chiro is away- 

Yami frowned, rubbing his thumbs along the side of his phone, suddenly regretting giving Dokihara the flowers Kaiba had bought for him. 

He stuck his hand into his pocket and slid out the heart-shaped note, slipping a thumbtack out from his desk and pressing it into the wall, right at eye-level, feeling his heart pounding excitedly in his chest as he stared at the thin handwriting. 

The note looked lonely by itself, so Yami dug around in his desk, grabbing several loose sketches out from his drawer and pinned them up beside the heart-shaped note. There. He would fix it later.

Yami stood up slowly from his desk and headed into the bathroom to wash up. He felt unusually tired, and even though the day was barely over, he wanted to sleep.

Kaiba hovered his cursor over the ‘publish’ button, feeling uncertainty slowly rising up inside his chest.


He clicked ‘publish’ and stood up from his desk, stretching lightly before walking over to his bed and throwing himself down on it, shutting his eyes and feeling himself falling deeper down into the mattress as exhaustion settled over him. 

He felt himself drifting off slowly and he heard a soft knock at his door.

Mokuba’s voice floated in through the crack. “Seto…?”

“What?” Kaiba responded drowsily, not moving from his position on the bed, feeling his shoulders ache. 

“Yami is at the door,” Mokuba said quietly, and Kaiba sat up so quickly, his vision turned green. 

“Send him in,” Kaiba said stiffly, and he saw Mokuba turn to dash away down the hall.

He eased off the bed and hastily patted his hair into place, moving to sit behind his desk, his heart racing frantically. Okay. Stay calm. Yami was here.
It didn’t matter. 

Kaiba logged out of Shin’s socials, making sure to also silence his phone before slipping it into his pocket. He rose from his desk and leaned against the edge, nervously, crossing and uncrossing his arms. 

Deciding it was too awkward to lean on his desk, Kaiba sat down at the foot of his bed. Would it be too suggestive if he did that? 

Jumping to his feet, Kaiba decided to sit on the couch hugging the wall beside his bed, sliding one leg of the other and staring down at his knees. What did Yami want?

What could they talk about?

There was a soft knock at the door, and Yami’s voice drifted softly into the room. “Kaiba?”

Kaiba grit his teeth, forcing himself to remain calm, his blood rushing loudly in his ears. “Enter.”

Yami hesitated, before pushing the door open softly, and he stood there awkwardly, surveying the room quietly.

“Close the door behind you,” Kaiba said quickly, feeling his heart jump excitedly into his throat. Was this really happening? This was too good to be true.

Yami nodded and the door swung shut behind him. 

The silence was suffocating, and Kaiba waited for Yami to speak, staring at him standing strangely in the middle of the room. 

“What do you want?” Kaiba asked, cursing himself at his tone. Again with the tone. Why could he never sound happy to see Yami?

“I came to thank you,” Yami replied quietly, dragging his gaze over the large bed, and the wide steel desk with the tall windows and open curtains. 

“Okay, you’re welcome,” Kaiba said shortly, rising to his feet, following Yami’s gaze towards his bed. What? Why was he staring at his bed? 

Yami frowned, catching Kaiba’s eye before looking away quickly, his cheeks red. He glanced at the bed again, wishing he could lay down on it. It looked soft. 

“Sit,” Kaiba said stonily, advancing towards Yami, seeing Yami narrow his eyes suspiciously at him. 

“Go ahead,” Kaiba encouraged, tucking his hands casually into his pockets, feeling himself sweat all over. “They’re new sheets. Imported from…Italy.”

Am I supposed to care? Yami wondered, moving forward to place a hand on the soft comforter, spreading his fingers out over the fabric. He saw Kaiba’s hand come down on top of his, and long fingers pressed in through the top of his hand, gripping him tightly.

Yami bit back a gasp, as Kaiba’s hand tightened over his and pressed him further down into the mattress, and a hot breath traveled down his cheek.

This was somehow…too easy.
Would Yami fight him? 

Deciding to test his theory, Kaiba shoved his knees into the backs of Yami’s thighs, feeling Yami’s knees buckle, and he leaned down heavily on top of Yami, hearing a soft oof! beneath him as Yami’s chin hit the comforter. 

His boner was straining for release as he pressed himself tighter up against Yami’s slender frame, burying his nose into the nape of Yami’s neck, feeling Yami shiver beneath him. Oh…fuck.
Why wasn’t Yami fighting him?

“Hey…I like you,” Kaiba said numbly, the words slipping from his mouth so quickly, he couldn’t take them back fast enough. His hands moved on their own, and he slid his palm up Yami’s side, feeling the soft, wonderful curves along his body, seeing Yami squirm beneath him, struggling weakly.

“Let me up,” Yami said breathlessly, his hands tightening over the comforter so much, his knuckles turned white. “Kaiba…”

“No,” Kaiba hissed, pressing his lips against the skin of Yami’s neck, biting, kissing, sucking, and rolling the skin between his teeth, feeling his head spin wonderfully. Delicious. Time to feast.

Kaiba eased up and reached down to clumsily undo Yami’s belt, staring intently at the curves of Yami’s ass, seeing Yami turn his head to give him a seductive smirk. “You like me?”

Kaiba blinked, his fingers wrapped around one of Yami’s belts. He glanced down and saw Yami raise his ass higher towards him, and Yami’s tanned hands slid into view, carefully pushing down his leather pants all the way down to his knees.

Kaiba felt his boner leak wetly in his pants and he couldn’t believe anything he was seeing or hearing. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Yami’s pink asshole which was slowly clenching and unclenching enticingly before his eyes.
Yami was offering…Yami was offering to fuck.

“How about now?” Yami asked devilishly, leaning forward over the edge of the bed, feeling the end of the mattress digging into his stomach. “Do you like me now?”

Kaiba felt his legs buckle, and his knees hit the floor painfully as he knelt behind Yami and pressed his lips flush against one of Yami’s pert ass cheeks, smiling against the flesh, feeling Yami’s legs trembling and shivering violently beneath his touch.

He trailed his lips up the entire curve of Yami’s ass and nudged Yami’s shirt higher up along his back, giving the skin a long, slow lick as he made his way back down.

“…Kaiba,” Yami sounded angry, and Kaiba held his breath, giving Yami’s cheeks a gentle spread before shoving his tongue firmly into Yami’s hole, earning him a sharp gasp as he licked his way up and around Yami’s crack, seeing Yami’s legs tremble even more as he let out a soft cry.

Oh god…it felt good. 

Kaiba ran his hands hungrily up and down Yami’s legs, giving his thighs a warm knead before gripping Yami’s shins and lifting his legs and throwing him onto the bed, seeing him fall sideways on the mattress, his ass cheek shining wet with his saliva. 

“Let me put it in,” Kaiba said fiendishly, grabbing Yami’s knee, seeing Yami jerk away and glare at him.

“No.” Yami hissed, twisting away, feeling strong arms wrapping around his waist, restraining him.

“You won’t even feel it!” Kaiba insisted, sliding his hand between Yami’s inner thighs and prying his legs open, struggling to peel Yami’s pants off from his legs as he struggled and kicked. Now, Yami was fighting him…why?

“Get off me,” Yami hissed, his body shivering uncontrollably as Kaiba loomed over him, smirking. 

“Just…a little…” Kaiba said through gritted teeth, trapping Yami’s legs underneath his arms, pinning them under his armpits to prevent him from bending his knees, gazing down gleefully at Yami’s solid erection which was waving every which way as he struggled fruitlessly.

“No,” Yami said weakly, his dick leaking miserably as Kaiba gently let go of his legs to hastily unbutton his pants. He took this chance to twist around on all fours, attempting to scramble away, but felt Kaiba drag him back towards him by the ankles, and a hot length pressed erotically against his ass cheek. 

“Just the tip…” Kaiba said gleefully, nudging himself into Yami’s crack, sliding his dick up and down between Yami’s tensing cheeks, seeing Yami’s ears turn a deep shade of red.

“Get off me, you asshole,” Yami said, his voice muffled as his face was shoved further down into the mattress as Kaiba pressed his hand onto Yami’s back, keeping him still. 

Kaiba felt his arm going painfully numb, and he maintained his grip on Yami’s hip, staring happily down at his own dick sitting prettily between Yami’s ass cheeks. 

He pressed himself down harder, sliding the head of his penis over Yami’s asshole, feeling his arm sting painfully again, and his erection throbbed so hard, his stomach clenched. 

A warm, wetness began spreading up his entire front, and Kaiba jerked awake.

He rolled over onto his side, realizing he had fallen asleep on his own arm, and it was covered with giant, red indents from the sheets, and he had cum in his pants.

It had leaked messily out through the fabric and stained the sheets beneath him. Shit.

His phone was buzzing loudly across his desk, and Kaiba cursed, stripping himself and marching into the bathroom to clean himself up.

Yami was furiously texting Shin, his breathing shallow as he forcefully ignored his boner. He had just read the hot spring scene, and it made him want to run into Kaiba’s arms. He had to curse Shin out first before doing anything.

12Chiro: Asshole. (middle finger)
12Chiro: hey, asshole.
12Chiro: Kaiba would never do that.
12Chiro: cheesy and fake.
12Chiro: try again.
12Chiro: That made me cringe.
12Chiro: I won’t count this towards my 8 scenes.
12Chiro: ………… HEY. I SEE YOU ONLINE. 

Kaiba burst out of the bathroom and pulled on a fresh set of clothes, still hearing his phone buzzing across his desk, and he snatched it up quickly, replying to Chiro’s texts.

Shinnn: wow. Fuck you too.
Shinnn: I fully believe Kaiba would do romantic things.

12Chiro: STFU. He does not/would not!!!
12Chiro: Just when I thought you wrote the perfect Kaiba

Shinnn: stop playing ‘imaginary boyfriend’ with kaiba’s character

12Chiro: you go and write him doing something completely out of character

Shinnn: you don’t know him at all, so you should shut up.

12Chiro: wtevr. imagine ifffff….YAMI read this. Hm?
12Chiro: How hard do you think he’s cringing right now at this garbage you wrote?

Kaiba felt his cheeks burn the moment Chiro mentioned Yami’s name, and he decided he was going to spitefully write several more scenes of an “out of character” Kaiba, just to make Chiro angrier. 

He had spent time and effort writing that hot spring scene!
It was something he was hoping would genuinely happen!

It wasn’t something for Chiro to fap to, so, Chiro was right.
He hadn’t written for her.
He had written it for himself.

Shinnn: fine. Don’t count it towards your 8 scenes.
Shinnn: I wrote it for myself.
Shinnn: and that isn’t even half of it.
Shinnn: if you’re so pissed
Shinnn: stop drawing po0rn
Shinnn: and write some fanfiction yourself.

12Chiro: FINE. Maybe I will. (tongue face)

Shinnn: my wet dreams would be more erotic than the shit you write.
Shinnn: have a good night. (middle finger)
Shinnn: expect more “out of character” Kaiba from me, you demanding bitch.

Yami drew in a sharp breath, unsure if he ought to be more disturbed at being called a ‘demanding bitch’ or that Shin had just admitted to having wet dreams about Yami.

12Chiro: call me that one more damn time and I will delete you.
12Chiro: how sad. You have wet dreams about someone
12Chiro: who will never love you back

Kaiba felt his eyes burn and he let his breath out in a slow hiss, typing his response out slowly. 

Shinnn: I have more of a chance with Yami, than you do…with Seto Kaiba
Shinnn: you hikki-NEET.

Yami snorted and clicked his phone off, feeling his blood boil. Shin somehow sounded like he was channeling Seto Kaiba in his text messages, able to set him off with only a few words. He would take a break from talking with him, because it was getting dangerous.

It wasn’t possible to fall in love with someone over text messages, right?

Shin was a writer. He could sound like anyone he wanted.

It wasn’t possible to fall in love with someone over text messages…. right?


Author’s note:

Late update, laaaaaaaate update. *SOBS
(sidenote: my sleep schedule is all screwy cuz my roommate got me sick. Thanks roommate!)


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