THE RAW RUNDOWN on 1/9/2018 by The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik
Raw opens with a review of  the Soma Joe and Roman Reigns match last week.


Roman comes out to start off Raw as the crowd is mixed on boos and cheers. Roman is in the ring talking to the crowd as Jason Jordan comes out to the ring. Roman looks a little confused as the crowd chants Who is your Daddy. Rollins than comes to the ring. As Jordan runs his mouth Baylor plus Anderson and Gallows the Balor Club come out. The crowd chants Who is your Daddy again. Angle comes out makes a match Baylor Club vs Rollins, Jordan, Reigns. Fans chant YOU SUCK!


Absolution vs Banks, James, Bailey:

Winners: Banks, Bailey, James

Matt Hardy vs Kurt Hawkins:

Winner: Hawkins was deleted.

Enzo Amore vs Cedric Alexander for Cruiserweight Title:

Winner: Alexander wins by DQ

Titus and Apollo Crew vs The Bar:

Winners: Titus and Apollo

Samoa Joe vs Rhyno:

Winner: Samoa Joe

Asuka vs ???

Jax attacks Asuka in the ring and hurts Asuka so no match happened.

Balor Club vs Jordan, Rollins and Reigns:

Winners: Balor Club


WWE is having an All Woman Royal Rumble Match so see my odds coming out soon here on Seems as the WWE on Raw and Smackdown are going to trio teams. The field of women in the Rumble is half full with the Rumble being on January 28th. We also have the Raw 25 Year Anniversary coming on the 22nd so expect a lot of entries in the next two weeks.

They show Goldust giving Cedric Alexander some pointers for his match with Enzo for the Title. They show the mixed match partners Alicia Fox and Goldust together. Mixed.Matched Challenge is a new show on facebook. Raw brings the every crazy Matt Hardy to the ring. Matt took a bite out of Hawkins hand in the match. Wyatt is in the ring behind Hardy after the match but nothing happens but a few moments of weirdness.

Elias is in the ring signing after the commercial break, and so far tonight only 2 matches. Miz comes back and thanks Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The fans seem a bit wary of the whole MIZ thing as Bo and Curt give the clothes literally off the backs to the Miz. He replays the Shield bombing him through the stage before Miz left. Miz calls out Reigns on a title match.

Nia Jax brought Enzo some Chicken Soup on New Year's Day in the hospital. Fans seems sick of Enzo they do not even cheer anymore. Angle gives Miz his rematch on the 22nd on the Raw 25 year Anniversary show. Miz also gets Auska for the Miz/Match on Facebook next week.


Raw goes back to recaps of last week as they wait for Lesnar to come out to the ring. Lesnar comes to the ring and fans go ballistic. As usual Paul Heyman takes the mic. As usual the complaints come about the triple threat match. Kane had attacked Lesnar as they headed to the backstage area  Strowman takes out Kane and Lesnar, and than gets a grappling hook and tosses it to the top of the scaffolding and pulled the entire piece onto Kane and Lesnar. Medical team takes Lesnar away and Kane is shown stumbling away.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring for his match. Joe goes onward to say he did not lose. After that in the back Bliss is shown attempting to get Jax on her side but Jax enters the Rumble. There are 16 women entered at this point.  Jax does go to the ting and attacks Asuka.