raylib status update
Hello current patrons and future patrons! :)

Here it is a new update on progress towards new raylib version! Last two weeks have been pretty intensive working in new raylib features.

And the newest feature coming to raylib is... Lua support! A complete Lua binding has been created for raylib! Now it's possible to use raylib from Lua, check the image at the top of this post... or check the 52 raylib examples ported to Lua.

But that's not all, there is more new features! raylib audio module has been completely reviewed to allow multiple music files playing at the same time, all of them with a double-buffering system and also a new AudioStream mechanism has been added to play raw audio data, supporting procedurally generated audio!

Visual Studio 2015 support has also been added! Now raylib can be compiled using MSC compiler and a complete solution is provided to allow Visual Studio 2015 users to code with raylib using their preferred development environment. And remember: raylib can be used from C but also C++ (sample projects included!).

Only those additions already represent another big boost for the library (and just a a couple of weeks after raylib 1.5 release!) but still working on some bugs and new amazing features!

Oh! And last but not least: the new raylib official IRC channel! Just come and chat with us! :D

Just enjoy raylib! :)