Raziel - Series 1
Here's the original piece that I created back in 2005.

It was the last of the angels for series 1 and stuck around as a part of my portfolio for a long time. I saved Raziel for the end of series 3 because I wanted to end it on a high note again. Relying on a conventional depiction of angelic mystery and grandeur is not something that I plan to do very often for this project, so I want to make sure that it's being used in the most important places.

After I finish the new version of Raziel, I'm going to be compiling a collection of comparisons between all of series 1 and series 3. They exist almost 10 years apart, but all the characters are all the same. 

It's been really interesting to spend the past few months reaching back to a formative time in my life. It's allowed me to trace a line from that point up to now and see how my tastes and habits lead me to this point. Even still, it's hard to know what comes next. The only thing I've learned is that it's going to be unexpected.

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