These cuties were part of my 500 follower celebration on Twitch!✨Some of these designs have now been adopted (during the party stream)! You can read about each character below!✨

✨⚡️From upper left --> to right:⚡️✨

  • Kudomono: an original anthro Koala character. I was really into anthros in high school/middle school
  • Spotted dragon: no real history, this was a random doodle - design adopted by Gyspy
  • Lazer the vampire: an edge character I made when I was in middle school
  • Mermaid: a sassy pink mermaid (drawn in red here but she is actually all pink) - design adopted by Neph
  • Peaceful kitty girl: one of the early designs for my OC Kadoodles (which is also where I get my name from). I always saw Kadoodles as a friend that I made for myself...but this was not her final design.
  • Truffles the library dragon: what a cutie - design adopted by Gyspy
  • Swirly plant lady: a zen doodle - design adopted by Gyspy
  • Angel kitty: mew mew mew, he/she has a horse like tail and a mane! - design adopted by Neph
  • Kadoodles: This is Kadoodles...I have not drawn her in so long. It was odd to draw her again but also really fun.