(Re)Introducing The Audacity Gambit
Like, my darlings, you knew this was coming but now I'm live with it! I've got my last round of copy edits to go through and a nice schedule through the rest of April to lay things out, finish things off and post-promote-post. I'm so very rusty at all this.

I finally, finally, found a bit of CSS to make my WordPress theme behave. It was forcing this illogical featured image behaviour. My rig of uploading a blank featured image worked fine until I wanted to make lots of pretty links in social media. I'm telling myself that bit of CSS wasn't out there to find when I first had this problem, so it was worth the waste of time and wait.

I'm like, really, REALLY stoked about this whole thing, it's nice to see the end to a project.

My Patrons got a nice download of all the promo posts I've got queued up about writing and making The Audacity Gambit into a real live book, including a nice ol' juicy one about why.

The rest of y'all will just have to wait.