The "re-launching" of Poet Voices

As you can see ( we have already shot a music video, taken photographs, recorded a new EP, and all of the other things that must be done to launch this kind of ministry.

Now, we need your help. I believe, and am praying, that many of you that have been touched by the ministry of PV would like to join us in this adventure. The simple fact is that launching a ministry on this scale is costly.

Please consider joining us by pledging your support for the "re-launching" of Poet Voices. No gift is too small and every little bit helps.

As an added bonus, we have come up with some pretty cool gifts as a way to say, "thank you!" for your financial support. (at least, we think they are pretty cool!) You can check them out on the right side of this page.

Again, if Poet Voices has been a blessing to your over the years, or if you simply want to be a part of something special, please prayerfully consider pledging your support. 

Thank you again.

Phil Cross