RE: Luckster is Moving
Most of your here supporting me likely already follow me on various outlets on tumblr, but just in case you are not in the know, here's a massive rundown of why my art has been a bit... lacking.

Days after I opened this Patreon, I got the news that we would be moving within a couple months. Not within the coming year. No, we were to be out by December 1st, and so we were.

As a result, my ability to produce work declined heavily. Even warmup doodles have about vanished. But I have done my best to at the very least provide the adorable Thank You images to you lovely people for your support.

I'm really sorry about the decline like that. Had I known of the move, I would have delayed opening my Patreon until we had settled in.

At the moment, I am unlikely to return to the full swing of work until January 2017--as I had to sacrifice all of my furniture during the move due to lack of room and we need to order new bedframes, desks, and chairs.

Just know that your credits are still stacking up, I am still keeping track, and come January 2017, I will be contacting some of you to ask what you would like with your Credits, or if you would like to continue saving them for a while longer for bigger and more complicated commissions.

Again, I am sorry for all of this, and I thank you so much for your patience and love!